Image Credit: Arabian Mills

Riyadh: MC2, known as Second Milling Company, has rebranded to Arabian Mills, the company announced Tuesday. Arabian Mills is a Saudi-based flour and feed milling company with the largest milling capacity in the Kingdom. The company said it plans to expand to new product types and is further enhancing its operations to meet the growing demand for flour and animal feed across Saudi Arabia, underpinned by the evolution and development of Saudi Arabia’s livestock farming and food service sector.

Ajlan Alajlan, Chairman of Arabian Mills, said, “For nearly 50 years, under its various names and legal structures, Arabian Mills has played a pivotal role in supporting the Kingdom’s food security initiatives and fostering the growth of the agricultural and food services industry.”

“As we look to the future, we are excited to build upon our rich heritage and leverage our expertise to address the evolving needs of the Kingdom’s food and livestock farming sectors. Our mission remains steadfast: to contribute to the prosperity and sustainability of the Kingdom’s food supply chain while upholding the highest standards of quality and safety,” he explained.

With its headquarters in Riyadh, Arabian Mills operates three milling plants across the Kingdom, including Riyadh, Hail, and Jazan. This enables the company to boast the largest wheat milling capacity in the Kingdom and serve all key regions. Arabian Mills produces various flour and feed to serve diverse markets and industries while maintaining industry-leading quality.

Among its notable products are all-purpose flour, bakeries flour, whole wheat flour, chapati flour, pizza flour, vitamin D all-purpose flour, and whole wheat flour.

In 2023, Arabian Mills revamped its flour brand to ‘Finah’ and launched ‘Kamil’ as the new brand name for its animal feed. It is also investing in producing and selling products to fast-growing and highly demanded food categories, such as ready flour mixes, pasta, and gluten-free options.

Rohit Chugh, CEO of Arabian Mills, said, “Our refreshed identity will enable us to unlock greater potential as a premier Saudi producer of high-quality staple wheat products and derivatives while adhering to international standards, maintaining high nutritious value across all our products and satisfying a variety of taste palates and livestock farming needs. We are also doubling our further efforts to enhance our operations and customer experience.”

Arabian Mills also caters to the livestock farming industry, with its quality animal feeds, including livestock fattener, lamb feed, foal feed, horse feed, and poultry feed, including layer, breeder, and broiler feeds, among other products. The company also produces bran for both nutritional consumption and animal feed.