DIFC Courts is taking to paperless in a big way, with all of the customer facing activities now eschewing the need. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: All of the customer facing and internal processes at DIFC Courts has gone completely paperless – this makes it the first court in the region to attain that status. There is more to come as well.

“In 2022, we will be launching Phase 2 of our Court Tech Lab initiative, a project built, launched and progressed to position Dubai as the city that pioneers industry-specific technologies,” said Justice Omar Al Mheiri, Director, DIFC Courts. “This initiative is a world first and it brings exciting new developments within the sphere of court-specific technologies and how we best deliver access to justice.”

The DIFC Courts has already rolled out digital systems for the registration of wills, while the new video conferencing facility can be accessed via a smartphone, tablet, or a desktop device. The digital offering is part of the existing ‘Virtual Registry’, which allows those living overseas to create and register a DIFC Courts Will.

Investors, former and current residents can access it from anywhere and be connected, via video link, to a compliance officer sitting in Dubai.

First to push
It was in February 2018 the DIFC Courts initiated the introduction of ‘paperless trials’, by implementing the region’s first 'Courts eBundling' system.

The cloud-based technology allows court documents to be uploaded from anywhere, enabling judges, lawyers, and court staff to access case information in various formats, across multiple locations, and share with numerous users.

Special project initiatives under the ‘Courts of the Future’ have helped DIFC Courts with “uniting individuals and companies helping to prototype and launch the advancement of court technology, such as blockchain-powered initiatives, AI-enabled programmes, and cloud-based solutions”.