Rehiring has never been much of a thing with UAE businesses, but all that seems to be changing. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Nearly 60 per cent of UAE workers would consider heading back to their previous employer if offered the right package. At the same time, more employers are laying a focus on re-hires where needed.

But here’s the catch - the survey from recruitment consultancy Michael Page uncovered that 57 per cent of employees polled were unaware of company return programs. This confirms the fact that companies need to promote them better and look at re-hiring as part of their recruiting strategy. And 26 per cent of respondents said they have either taken a position with one of their former employers or would consider doing so if the opportunity arose.

The ‘Michael Page 2023 Salary Guide and Hiring Insights’ draws insights from quarterly surveys the company runs with its candidates throughout the year. Jon Ede, Regional Director at Michael Page, says, “Hiring sentiment is strong in the UAE. Based on market confidence and therefore more aggressive growth and diversification plans, organisations shifted up a gear and their appetite to invest in attracting top talent increased significantly.

We have also seen a significant return to foreign investments with businesses looking to expand their international footprint into the UAE.

- on Ede, Regional Director at Michael Page

“We have also seen a significant return to foreign investments with businesses looking to expand their international footprint into the UAE.”

Is re-hiring a good idea?

Hiring managers in today’s recruitment market are firing up every tool they have, including re-hiring former employees with a significant pay hike. In a competitive hiring market, companies can’t afford to ‘forget’ about talented employees who leave on good terms and who could be tempted to return if the opportunity arose, says Ede.

Moreover, hiring experts and job seekers have said businesses have several incentives to re-hire former employees, namely saving time and money on saving on onboarding and getting a person up to speed to fill a vacancy. The survey also said 52 per cent disagreed with the statement

that candidate should never go back, and a slight majority (58 per cent) thought that, in the end, returning was a win-win solution for companies and their former employees.

Why leave in the first place?

About 43 per cent of surveyed felt they had reached their limit in that position and wished to acquire more responsibilities and boost their career development. And 31 per cent were looking for a change — a new job title or career, a different sector, etc. Other factors include a desire for improved salary and benefits, a feeling of not sharing their current company’s values, and personal reasons.

Ede adds: “Some employees have aspirations that simply can’t be satisfied by their current employer.”

What can companies do to change that? They can retain these workers by fast-tracking their career development and offering improved compensation packages.

However, if an employee wants to change industries altogether or needs to leave for personal reasons, there’s little a company can do to stop them.

Salary outlook for 2023
The overall outlook for the year ahead is painted with optimism. The UAE is experiencing a robust economic finish to 2022, with forecasts for 2023 appearing strong, according to the report.

“A complex global economic backdrop makes it impossible for anyone to predict what lies ahead for 2023,” said Jon Ede, Regional Director at Michael Page. “However, based on current demand, positivity and local market confidence, the UAE appears to be well positioned for growth and resilience”.
The sectoral breakdown for 2023 salaries
Banking and financial services
- Senior relationship manager – Dh40,000
- Relationship manager – Dh30,000
- Manager products and sales – Dh32,000
- Senior associate in private equity – Dh35,000
- Senior accountant – Dh22,00

Consultancy and strategy services
- Programme and project manager – Dh12,000 to Dh22,000
- Senior consultant – Dh22,000 to Dh55,000
- Analyst/ Associate – Dh12,000 to Dh40,000

Data Analytics
- Data analytics manager- Dh160,000
- Data architects – Dh20,000
- Machine learning/ AI engineers – Dh35,000

- Social media manager- Dh20,000 to Dh30,000
- Advertising operations manager- Dh15,000 to Dh25,000
- CRM manager – Dh18,000 to Dh30,000

*All figures are salaries per month