The ministry of energy and minerals has shared details on its website. Image Credit: Twitter/@Mog_Oman

Cairo: Oman is offering three oil and gas concession areas for local and international local companies, a statement for the ministry of energy and minerals said on Sunday.

The offering is open between March 26 and June 25, according to the statement published on Twitter.

Of the three blocks, Block 15 is located within the Sultanate of Oman’s northern oil province some 250 km west of Muscat and 25 km southwest of provincial town of Ibri. It is located along the northeastern edge of petroleum basin.

“Tight gas is the predominant play within Block 15,” the ministry said.

Block 36 covers 18,625 sqkm and is along the border with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Yemen and is at the South-Eastern edge of the Eastern Rub al Khali basin, one of the most prolific oil and gas basins in the world.

Block 54 covers a 5,627 sqkm area and located in a lightly drilled area, the Eastern Flank province.