SPS-AMV Autonomous car displayed in Dubai Police Stand during the Gitex Technolo 2018 at Dubai World Trade Center on 14 OCT 2018 GN Photo Image Credit: Atiq Ur Rehman/Gulf News

Dubai: In an impressive display of advanced technology, Dubai Police on Sunday revealed a driverless police station vehicle, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) patrol and autonomous drones on the first day of Gitex Technology Week exhibition on Sunday.

The autonomous vehicle has a Smart Police Station (SPS) and will travel to the customer and will register complaints using Dubai Police mobile application, officials said.

Brigadier Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi, director of the AI Department in Dubai Police, said the project will be launched in the future for both residents and tourists.

“The police station will go to the complainant in Dubai. The vehicle will provides 16 smart services, including paying traffic fines, good conduct certificate and register a criminal complaint,” Brigadier Al Razooqi said.

However, the vehicle is still in pilot phase and will be launched in future at tourists destinations.

Dubai Police said the vehicle will be equipped with latest technologies from Japan and run on electric and solar power with a wireless recharging system. The vehicle will have an automatic door accessible by Emirates ID or face recognition.

New police patrol

On Sunday, the police also launched an advance vehicle called ‘Ghayath’, a patrol equipped with latest technologies and Artificial Intelligence.

Lieutenant Saeed Al Mazroui, from AI department in Dubai Police, said the smart vehicle has eight screens inside and eight CCTV AI cameras with face recognition technology.

“It has three smart systems of face recognition, traffic accident system and wanted cars recognition,” Lieutenant Al Mazroui said.

Drone patrol box. Atiq Ur Rehman/Gulf News

Also on Sunday, the police showcased a drone patrol box which can be installed in any area in the city as a platform to respond quickly during emergencies.

Sergeant Abdullah Hamood Al Harbi, from Unmanned Aerial System Centre at Dubai Police, told Gulf News that the drone will respond automatically to any emergency and fly within 19 seconds to the spot and start live recording and streaming to the command room.

“The drones platform will be connected to the security network. For example, if there was a theft in a warehouse, the drone can respond to the alarm and fly to the spot at a speed of 80kph. It will be placed in areas not covered by CCTV cameras,” Sergeant Al Harbi said.

The platform built in cooperation with Azur Drones company and police looking to deploy 19 drones in the future.

“It is automated drone without human intervention. It has sensors to avoid towers, buildings and other objects. It has 3D maps of the city. It will cut time and effort for officers,” he added.