Decovision managing director Yousuf Farran says the company has not been affected by the global recession. Image Credit: Abdul Rahman/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: For some, the arrival of the fierce UAE summer is a time when business activity slows down.

However, DecoVision is one of the few organisations in the capital which experiences the opposite.

"Summer is a busy time for us," DecoVision Managing Director Yousuf Farran said.

"Many clients want their projects to be completed before Ramadan begins.

"At the moment, we are on the verge of signing a Dh200-million deal. I can't reveal the client yet because they haven't formally signed on, but the project is quite large and we even imported approximately 50 to 60 containers from Europe to meet the client's demands."

DecoVision describes itself as interior solutions provider which started in July 2003 and is a member of the Royal Group.

Order book

Farran said since then, demand for its services has continued to increase among project owners, developers and architects in Abu Dhabi.

"The value off our order book at the moment stands at Dh300 million. Currently, we have five to six projects that have either been completed or are in various stages of completion," he said.

"Among them are two projects for the Emirates Palace Hotel, which are the recently completed Hakkasan restaurant and an Emirati restaurant," Farran said. "One client that we are proud to be working with is Shaikh Sorouh Bin Mohammad Al Nahyan.

"The total value of our projects with him amounts to Dh25 million for both professional and personal ventures," he added.

Farran said DecoVision has not been affected by the global financial crisis.

"We tend to book projects up to one year in advance, which is perhaps why we haven't really felt any flux in the market, whether from the global recession or otherwise," he said.

"As for the construction sector, I feel that it is quite stable, especially since we haven't experienced a declined in demand for our services.

"In fact, we hope to add more to our line-up when they are completed, such as the new hotels on Reem Island," Farran said.

While the company has also worked for clients in other emirates, it is planning to open branches around the region.

"We are planning to expand our services to Lebanon, Syria and Morocco," Farran said, where there is a high demand for interior solutions.