Abu Dhabi:

The importance of quality and its role in the UAE’s peaceful nuclear energy program was discussed today by Mohammad Al Hammadi, Chief Executive Officer of the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (Enec).

Speaking as a keynote panelist at the Abu Dhabi Quality Forum, Al Hammadi said quality in the nuclear energy industry meant safety, security and efficiency.

“Quality is essential to growth and sustainability,” said Al Hammadi. “Quality also promotes business excellence, good corporate governance and transparency.

“We are committed to the highest standards of safety, security and complete operational transparency, and quality is inextricably linked to these commitments. We have made a rigorous Quality Assurance program a priority from the very beginning.”

Enec’s extensive Quality Assurance programme was developed to ensure that the UAE’s first nuclear power plants are designed, constructed, commissioned and operated in line with the best industry practices, governing codes and standards, regulations and license requirements. The aim of the Quality programme is to ensure that Enec’s overriding priority — the safety of the UAE community, its employees, the environment and the future plants — is achieved every day.