Vardhman Realty, UAE’s leading property investment and asset managers and an established name in the realty industry recently signed up Indian film star, Priyamani as its brand ambassador. Announcing this Jiten Varia, the Founder and Chairman of Vardhman Realty said that the signing reflected the growing plans for Vardhman Realty. According to Priyamani, Dubai has great potential in real estate investment and a first time buyer is always on the lookout for good helpful advice.

"Real estate is a huge investment arena and appropriate advice becomes a requisite," said Priyamani. "Being associated with Vardhman Realty educated me about the core values of the entity and individuals connected with it. It helped me to choose and take the right decision while investing here in Dubai. I respect the fact that as a first generation company, it has made extraordinary progress in a very short period of time.

"The integrity, knowledge and experience that Jiten Varia and his team has ensures trust, which is a key factor in a customer service set-up.

"Having witnessed the transparency that Vardhman Realty has with their clients, I'm confident that they'll go a long way and have a bright future ahead of them.

"The company in many aspects reflects the value I hold in high esteem."

So for your investment in Dubai, Vardhman is your one stop shop.

Expressing his happiness on this association, Varia said, "Priyamani is a household name in as well as outside India. She has established herself as an actress with exemplary roles. We are happy that she has aligned with us and are confident that this association will be of mutual benefit."

Vardhman Realty really lives up to its tagline, Your Assets is our Concern. In the current process of widespread globalisation, Vardhman Realty understands that meeting our customer’s requirement is very essential to the success of our organisation. The brand's experience in the past plays a significant role in our quest to provide the best for our customers. We are now in an ever-changing market environment. In such situations, Vardhman Realty firmly believes that trust is the key element in persuading investors to choose the brand's high-quality service when it comes to real estate. It totally accepts that trust can create a win-win situation leading to a long-term deeper relationship.

Vardhman Realty is a subsidiary of Vardhman Group of companies. Vardhman Group was founded in Dubai, in 2010 by Varia. Under the strategic management of the holding in Dubai, the country branch is locally responsible for the operative management in their market regions. Through this, Vardhman Realty is able to secure its long-term local presence in key markets. The goal is the development and management of a globally diversified and centrally managed real estate portfolio on behalf of Vardhman Realty.

“We provide our customers with accurate and concise information on all the projects of freehold and leasehold developments. As a group, we are able to provide specialized representations for every type of real estate transaction. We provide top quality comprehensive business brokerage sales and intermediary services to local and regional business clients," said Varia.

"We take an innovative approach by providing solutions that meet our clients’ needs. We have grown from a small beginning to play a substantial role in the UAE through several joint ventures and strategic alliances with major regional and international business. We are committed to delivering the highest quality real estate service in the industry. Every unit that is listed with us is given proper attention and care. Our experienced agents provide exceptional service by guiding buyers and sellers through market complexities until completing the final sales agreement."