also operates a second portal that targets recyclables trading. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The portal, which targets the trading and logistics industries, won three major awards in the first quarter, which recognise its innovations as a start-up, specifically for the verticals collect and market.

The MEA Business Awards recognised as ‘Innovative Tech Solution of the Year’ for 2021, particularly with regards to collect, a platform that is ‘uber’-ises logistics services by connecting users with reliable drivers, trucks and related personnel on-demand or at a defined time. The Innovation and Excellence Awards awarded market, the B2B marketplace for online recyclables trading. Additionally, the Build 2021 Recycling & Waste Management Awards awarded market with ‘Best Recyclables Trading Solution’ of 2021.

Salim Sultan Al Owais, CEO of, said: “These awards recognise the transformative impact that collect and market is having.” develops smart platforms that aim to simplify B2B and B2C transactions, as well as provide individual users better access to services. market, the company’s second platform, targets the recyclables trading industry. It eliminates the middleman between buyers and sellers, saving time, and offering a transparent bidding process. Currently, market connects buyers and sellers of recovered commodities, including cardboard and paper, glass, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, aluminum and light metal scrap, plastic, rubber, textiles, and wood.

Prior to market, the company had launched its first platform, collect, which connects individuals and businesses with movers and transportation companies in the UAE using live tracking technology. Individual users can use the app to move homes, accessing the full scope of moving and packing services on-demand or at a specified time. For businesses and enterprises, collect offers the ‘Move’ service or ‘Renting-A-Truck’.