Terra Invest
Image Credit: Supplied

London/Dubai: Terra Invest, a new investment firm backed by prominent Asian family offices and funds, including Mount Row Partners, has launched simultaneously in London and the UAE. Led by a team of experienced financial professionals and public policy experts, Terra Invest aims to innovate within the investment sector.

The firm distinguishes itself by combining policy and regulatory knowledge with financial expertise. This approach enables Terra Invest to address global challenges such as the increasing demand for clean energy and AI-based solutions in financial services and healthcare. By identifying and overcoming obstacles in sectors like AI, blockchain technology, and health and life sciences, Terra Invest seeks to foster rapid growth and create a substantial positive global impact.

Terra Invest's strategy aligns with the dynamic innovation environment in India, which boasts a thriving AI ecosystem and a growing need for scalable solutions. The firm plans to invest in companies with clear growth potential across various sectors, capitalizing on the region's strong technology hubs and emerging economies.

The firm’s investment strategy targets sectors such as AI, blockchain-powered financial technology, and health and life sciences, aiming to address global challenges. By investing in the UK, India, and the Middle East, Terra Invest leverages established technology hubs, emerging markets, and the increasing demand for innovative solutions. Their approach integrates insights from academia, policy, regulation, governance, and finance, ensuring investments are financially sound and can navigate complex regulatory and geopolitical landscapes.

Operating on a deal-based model, Terra Invest has already closed transactions worth USD 230 million and aims to scale to USD 2.5 billion by 2025. The firm's founding partners, Ambassador Kirk Wagar, Mr. Krishan Rattan, and Ms. Ankiti Bose, bring extensive experience in banking, entrepreneurship, diplomacy, and public policy. Their expertise, alongside advisors from companies like Tesla, TikTok, and Binance, bolsters Terra Invest’s mission to drive financial value and positive global impact.

Ambassador Kirk Wagar emphasized the importance of geopolitical awareness in today's investment climate, stating, "Understanding macro and micro political changes is crucial. This foundation helps anticipate and navigate risks, understand market dynamics influenced by political events, and make informed decisions to protect and enhance portfolios. Investors must be aware of geopolitical trends to identify opportunities and avoid pitfalls, ensuring more resilient and strategic investment choices in an unpredictable world."

Ms. Ankiti Bose highlighted the firm's commitment to impactful investments, noting, "Our unique approach ensures our investments are financially sound, create value for shareholders, and have a positive global impact. Our team's diverse experience in banking, entrepreneurship, diplomacy, and public policy supports our mission to drive financial value and positive global impact."