The cover of the Sila Report

Sila, the pioneering tech company in Dubai known for its expertise in Arabic-native AI natural language processing, today releases its impactful sustainability report. The report provides a thorough analysis of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) trends in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, emphasising significant trends and emerging opportunities.

Leveraging advanced AI technology, Sila's report delves into diverse ESG conversations, revealing critical insights about youth leadership, mental health prioritisation, climate change, pollution concerns, and governance interest across KSA and UAE. This comprehensive report underscores the evolving societal and environmental priorities within the Middle East, marking a pivotal step in ESG awareness and action.

Faisal Khan, VP of Strategy and Insights, Sila Image Credit:

Faisal Khan, VP of Strategy and Insights at Sila, commenting on the report says, "Our in-depth analysis offers a unique window into the ESG landscape, highlighting the proactive involvement of the youth in Saudi Arabia and the shifting focus towards climate change in the UAE. It reflects the changing priorities in our society and the growing awareness of sustainability issues."

The report's key findings include:

● Youth Leadership in KSA's ESG Community: 90 per cent of the ESG community in Saudi Arabia is under 40, demonstrating the active role of younger generations.

● Mental Health in KSA's ESG Discussions: Mental health emerges as a significant theme in ESG dialogues in Saudi Arabia.

● Climate Change and Pollution in UAE's ESG Conversations: A third of ESG conversations in the UAE focus on climate change and pollution issues.

● Governance Interest in UAE Surpasses KSA: Governance-related topics attract more attention in the UAE compared to Saudi Arabia.

● Rise in Brand Participation in ESG Dialogue: The report notes a 60 per cent increase in brand involvement in ESG discussions.

● Environmental Sustainability in Brand Communications: 70 per cent of brand communications emphasise environmental sustainability.

● Government Entities' Increased ESG Outreach: There is a 35 per cent increase in ESG outreach by government entities.

The Sila Sustainability Report not only highlights current ESG trends but also sets the stage for future initiatives and policies. It underscores the increasing importance of sustainability in corporate and governmental agendas and the pivotal role of technology in understanding and addressing these issues.

"Through this report, Sila aims to show the path for responsible and sustainable practices in the Middle East. The insights we have gathered are more than just data; they are a call to action for organisations and governments to align with the evolving values and concerns of our society. This report is a cornerstone in Sila's ongoing commitment to drive meaningful change and innovation in the region," says Paul Kelly, CEO of Sila.

The release of this report aligns with Sila's commitment to providing insightful, AI-driven analysis on vital socio-economic issues. It serves as a valuable resource for stakeholders, policymakers, and businesses, aiding in the formulation of strategies that resonate with emerging ESG trends.