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ServiceMarket, the leading home services marketplace in the UAE, announced the launch of women’s salon at home services in Dubai. From haircuts and blowouts, to nail services, to facials and spa services, appointments are available now for booking online via its app or website.

It is no surprise that the global beauty industry has been greatly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The nationwide lockdowns caused widespread store closures which also included salons. The industry responded to the crisis by offering in-home beauty and personal care services. Consumer behavior evolved too with more people focusing on self-care to provide themselves a sense of normalcy during the anxiety-ridden times. It is safe to say that wellness has become more of a lifestyle than an occasional activity and this trend is going to continue in the post-Covid era too.

As Bana Shomali, CEO of ServiceMarket pointed out, “At ServiceMarket, we aim to bring convenience and comfort to our clients so that they can get any service they want at the tap of a button without having to think twice about the logistics behind the procurement of the service.”

ServiceMarket is thrilled to be able to cater to the self-care needs of consumers in Dubai and support the local beauty professionals at the same time by providing a safe platform where both can connect and do business. Every business/brand has felt the impact of Covid and those that are able to adapt quicker are the ones that can survive and emerge even stronger on the other side of the pandemic.

Bookings for salon services at home start from Dh99. ServiceMarket has Dubai’s finest beauty salons on board with beauty technicians trained in massages, hair services, nails, waxing, and facial and spa services. All these services will be available for booking 7 days a week so that people can rejuvenate, relax, and get pampered at any time.

One of their partners showed excitement to be able to deliver salon services at the doorsteps of consumers in Dubai. “It is a great opportunity for us as providers as well as the clients as both get to benefit through this partnership. The clients can get their favorite services at home while we have the privilege of providing our services to a larger audience.”

Types of home salon services offered

An at-home salon service can meet most pampering demands. Experienced technicians arrive at a customer’s house to deliver beauty services while they multitask. This is highly convenient for busy mothers or those with a tight schedule, making it impossible to spend time on self-care.

The types of at-home salon services offered by ServiceMarket include:

Basic grooming

This includes waxing, threading, haircuts, hair styling, and other daily essentials to look your best.

Spa services

The spa services include Thai, Swedish, deep tissue massages along with a range of facials for a soulful indulgence. ServiceMarket has brought the luxurious spa treatment at home for consumers to revitalize and relax.

Nail services

Customers can treat themselves with mani-pedi, gel nails, acrylic extensions and, get their favorite nail paint applied in their home’s comfortable setting. Licensed and professional nail technicians are available to deliver flawless nail services.

Booking a salon service at home

ServiceMarket has made the process to book salon services short and simple. A customer just has to click the booking option from their app and perform these steps:

● Add the required services to the cart

● Pick the preferred date and time

● Enter the location/address

● Make the payment

● Review and confirm the booking

● That’s it!

The beauticians and technicians who come to the customer’s place are trained to offer salon services in a home’s private setting. Not only do they come with all necessary beauty tools and equipment based on the requested service, but they also make the client feel comfortable.

Currently, the home salon services are being offered in Dubai only but ServiceMarket has plans to launch them in other cities too in the near future. All salons on board are vetted through a rigorous screening process to ensure customers get a wholesome experience at home. All available at-home salon services can be explored on ServiceMarket’s website. Customers can request quotes and compare the prices of the services before booking to get a reasonable deal.