Rosalia Torres, Partner and Head of Sales, Arish Capital Partners Image Credit: Supplied

Investors from across the GCC and MENA region are currently searching for properties within the residential, commercial, retail and student accommodation space for investment according to Arish Capital Partners, a leading real estate investment and development company. The international community has significantly invested in the country’s real estate market including 35 per cent of all property investments in Lisbon area by 2019.

Rosalia Torres, Partner and Head of Sales, Arish Capital Partners, stated that, “The last few years have been remarkable for the real estate sector in Portugal. The real estate sector was responsible for increased foreign investments, in addition to being a catalyst for job creation. Post the pandemic, the construction sector has also witnessed a boom, and this will in turn give rise to new investment propositions, whilst fast-tracking the rehabilitation process of properties across the country. In 2019, foreign investment in real estate assets in Portugal is likely to have exceeded €34 billion according to research by JLL and Cushman & Wakefield."

Perhaps the biggest restraint to expansion will be the availability of suitable assets considering municipality planning restrictions, however, this will continue to spur growth for investors in the right assets.

As the market is returning to normalcy several international retail brands are seeking prime locations at more competitive prices. Apart from a spike in investor appetite for residential, commercial, and retail sector, the other sector that is growing fast is the student accommodation sector. Since Portugal is also an attractive market for talent, many of them being young students and professionals, the country will continue to be a promising destination for student accommodation as well. Currently there is a shortfall of quality student housing, which is yet another lucrative investment opportunity.

“The outlook for 2022 remains optimistic, due to the popularity of Portugal as a promising investment destination. We strongly foresee a large investor community from across the globe and especially from the UAE and wider GCC region investing in various segments of the real estate market in Portugal in the last quarter of 2021. With currency stability, robust returns on real estate, and the opportunity to diversify their portfolios make Portugal an ideal destination for international investors,” added Rosalia.

As per a recent report from CBRE, Portugal’s GDP by the end of 2022 will be on course to touch 2019 levels. Furthermore, according to the European Commission, the Portuguese economy was in its 7th consecutive year of growth in 2020 and continues to expand in 2021.

“Arish Capital Partners has been investing across Europe including Portugal for several years. The country presents favourable conditions, both in terms of political stability and economic growth, which is above the European average, and definitely provides a great quality of life and a perfect ecosystem of work life balance,” added Rosalia.

“The country has a very affordable cost of living, which is estimated to be almost 30 per cent lower than the UK, and between five and 10 percent lower than Spain. Around 60 percent of the population is proficient in English which enables seamless communication with the international community,” concluded Rosalia.

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