PETKUS MENA Team with DPW Project Team Image Credit: Supplied

Under the strategic vision of the UAE's National Food Security Strategy 2051, PETKUS MENA, along with DP World, Alamir Food, and Adroit, is pioneering a monumental project that redefines agri-processing and storage at Jebel Ali. The AED 550 million Agri Terminals facility stands as a testament to innovation, quality, and resilience in the face of global food security challenges.

Dr Khaled Raed, CEO of PETKUS MENA, expressed his enthusiasm about the project: "We are immensely proud to be part of this groundbreaking initiative. Our collaboration with DP World, a global giant in port management and logistics, along with our partnerships with Alamir Food and Adroit, exemplifies a unified approach toward enhancing the UAE’s food supply chain. Our German-engineered equipment and solutions are at the forefront of this development, promising unparalleled efficiency and reliability."

The Agri Terminals facility, spanning nearly 100,000 square meters, is designed to be the nucleus of grain, pulse, and key agricultural commodity distribution in Dubai. This project not only solidifies Jebel Ali Port's position in the F&B ecosystem but also aligns with the UAE’s ambitious ‘Operation 300 Billion’ strategy, propelling Dubai’s economic growth and sustainability in the sector.

PETKUS MENA Team with Al Amir Food Image Credit: Supplied

The project's importance is magnified by DP World's involvement, the main developer of the port, signifying a strategic partnership that leverages DP World's unparalleled capabilities in port management and logistics. This collaboration, along with the support from Al Amir Food Industries and Adroit Overseas Canada, heralds a new era in the food and beverage industry, marking the project's strategic significance to the region's economic and food security aspirations.

A critical element in the execution of this ambitious project is the 40 years of expertise brought by Albanna Raed Engineering & Contracting, known for its proficiency in engineering, procurement, construction, and management (EPCM). Abed Assy, Managing Director of Albanna Raed Engineering & Contracting, shared his insights: "Our partnership with PETKUS MENA on the Agri Terminals project is a remarkable opportunity to showcase our capability in delivering complex infrastructure with precision and excellence. This collaboration underlines our commitment to contributing to the UAE’s food security goals and sets a benchmark for future projects."

The project, announced in the esteemed presence of Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Chairman, and Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality, underscores the collective dedication to bolstering the nation’s food security and economic landscape.

Set for completion of the first phase in early 2025, the Agri Terminals facility represents a visionary approach to food storage and processing infrastructure. It is a testament to PETKUS MENA’s dedication, in partnership with DP World, Albanna Raed Engineering & Contracting, Adroit Overseas Canada, and Al Amir Food Industries, to forging a future where food security and economic prosperity are interconnected, ensuring a legacy of resilience and abundance for future generations.