Mojay Group
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Headquartered in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) now as a private investment holding company, Mojay Global Holding Limited is a value-driven diverse organisation created to invest, advise, and manage businesses with accelerated growth potential as well as nurture new investment opportunities. The organisation’s expertise spans across industries including technology, mainly robotics and AI, mobility, FMCG, real estate, and financial assets.

With the aim to constantly create value and bring positive change, Mojay Global Holding Limited works collaboratively with key stakeholders of the companies they invest in to take the businesses to the next level of innovation and profitable growth.

The approach begins with active, strategic involvement at all levels while helping the business to scale–by leveraging Mojay Global Holding Limited’s resources which are industry-specific. The board is led by experienced management teams and tech legends.

Companies acquired by Mojay Global Holding Limited

PREIMO Urban Mobility: The company provides a luxury mobility service that offers a one of a kind experience to its customers. Established in 2018, the company is currently one of the leading providers of luxury chauffeured car rental services in Dubai. Within a short span of time, PREIMO Urban Mobility scaled up and extended its client base, demonstrating steady growth of sales. It has successfully completed more than 29,000 trips to an elite clientele of world leaders, business executives, government officials, artists, and corporate clients including Armani Hotel Dubai, Mandarin Oriental, Caesars Palace Dubai, Raffles Dubai, Palazzo Versace Dubai, General Electric, Chopard to name a few.

MYRO International: The robotics company is focused on solving complex yet monotonous problems related to human productivity and workplace hazards. MYRO International launched ‘MYRO,’ the world’s first intelligent wall painting robot in the construction industry with the aim to bring automation to the construction industry. MYRO is also hosting live demos at the GITEX Technology Week from October 17-21 in the World Trade Centre.

Eternal Robotics: The technology-driven company provides a wide range of engineering services along with software, and product development solutions across multiple technology mediums including Robotics, AI, and Automation. From construction to logistics or manufacturing to infrastructure, the prospects for product development are endless.

“At Mojay Global Holding Limited we nurture people and build partnerships. Diversity is the core value of our organization and we believe in developing businesses with a genuine culture of honesty and ethics; investing in sustainable projects that value our planet and have the potential to improve the future of our communities,” said Raul Silva CEO and Managing Director of Mojay Global Holding Limited.

Some other new technologies being developed by Mojay Global Holding Limited include Smart Eyes for safe roads (computer vision), MoEV - a mobile EV charger, Wind Racer (clean energy), and Chariot (autonomously guided vehicles).

Open to innovative projects, business opportunities, and entrepreneurs who dare to challenge the status quo, Mojay Global Holding Limited is on the lookout to set up new and higher standards in diverse industries.

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