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The spike in male body hair removal in recent years isn't surprising given the benefits to personal hygiene as well as the advancement of trimming tools that make the process quicker and safer.

Globally-renowned men’s grooming brand Meridian aims to create awareness about Meridian grooming products that celebrate you. The Middle East men’s grooming market is estimated to grow 25% over the next four years. The popular phrase ‘Success favours the well-groomed man’, appears to ring true in the Middle East, as the region’s men spend more time and money on personal care. With males paying more attention to their appearance, men’s grooming forms the fifth largest segment in the Middle East personal care market, a very vital region for Meridian’s presence. 

Dylan Chou, the General Manager for Meridian said, “Once a man embarks on an effective personal care regimen, there’s no going back. The ritualistic nature of a regular trimming protocol brings a satisfying structure to your routine, while the results just feel good. Meridian’s Trimmer not only reduces the opportunity for ingrown hairs and skin irritation, but also helps you avoid nicks and cuts making it ideal for body hair removal. The importance of incorporating Trimmer safety precautions is vital as well to experience the joys of efficient personal grooming.”

High end consumers in the region Dmitri Ruwan, Entrepreneur, Avastavé & Influencer @dmitriruwan commented, "Living in the Middle East, I personally discovered grooming for men is hygiene. There’s waxing, and then there’s laser but sometimes you just need a go-to for quick and easy hair removal, which is a trimmer."

Haroon Tahir, Author, and Co-Founder, POPC & Influencer @haroontahir said “Grooming and hygiene is important to me and widely growing across the region. I’ve always struggled to find a trimmer that doesn’t cut my skin - Meridian is the gentlest trimmer I’ve found on the market!”