lavana spa Best SPA 2022 UAE (1)
Image Credit: Supplied

The trade mark that is registered in Europe GCC and Middle East, has proven yet again why they deserve to be the best.

During a prestigious ceremony arranged by YOU awards earlier this month in Dubai, the announcement of Best Luxurious SPA category in 2022 came in favor of the international SPA chain Lavana Spa.

The chain started in Dubai, and expanded to five branches, and served hundreds of the region’s celebrities, movie starts from Hollywood as well as the GCC region and especially Dubai based stars and VVIPs.

“Dubai is all about the wow effect, and luxury in details, the real value of money, and that is what we aim to have at Lavana Spa, in addition to creating the memorable client experience where the service and products used are of very high standards” said the CEO of the group.

The SPA expands over 1000s of SF over various locations in Dubai, and would consider opening new branches in Egypt and Maldives as reports suggest.

This comes in-line with the refreshing and growing sector of travel and tourism Dubai is witnessing, thanks to the Expo 2020 and the government support packages to businesses and economy that help rebooting life after the long lock down, and losses all over the world cause by the pandemic.

Expo 2020 took place during the period October 2021 to March 2022 and created over 100,000 business deals valuing over $112 billion as estimated by several economic sources.

SPA and Hotels industries in Dubai are considered one of the fastest growing not only in the region but all around the world as you can almost witness the opening of a new hotel, resort or SPA on monthly basis, which make the choices wider, and quality standards higher, hence giving an important value to achieving the best award such as the one Lavana Spa had recently won, confirming yet again, the Dubai is indeed the capital of future, luxury, and success.

On another note Lavana Spa confirmed having no branches in Al Ain nor in Abu Dhabi, where some businesses are trying to copy their brand name and logo, which puts all such copiers under the legal procedures of breaching the trademark and brand copy rights that Lavana Spa is already holding.