Hitesh Motwani, CMO & CDTO,, Avinash Babur, Founder & CEO,, Alfred, Brand Mascot of, Ahmad Haffar, 'The Voice of Dubai' Image Credit: Supplied updates their jingle

Alfred's new jingle set to resonate across the UAE

Dubai:, one of the UAE's largest insurance platforms, has introduced the latest version of its well-regarded jingle. This update marks a significant milestone, as the tune has grown familiar to UAE residents over the last three years through extensive play on radio stations and digital platforms, the company said in a media release. Initially crafted by Ahmad Haffar, known as the ‘Voice of Dubai,’ the original jingle became an instantly recognizable tune.

This revised version by Haffar introduces a dynamic mix of rap with perfectly timed lyrics, showcasing Alfred, the cherished mascot, in a novel role as a rapper. This jingle is poised to resonate strongly across various media, sparking interest throughout the UAE. continues to provide a comprehensive array of insurance solutions including car, health, home, life, travel, and business insurance. According to the company, their committed approach to claims management ensures personalized support for any claims-related concerns, reflecting their dedication to meeting a wide range of insurance needs with reliability and thoroughness.

The introduction of the new jingle is anticipated to further solidify the brand's standing, says the company. With its distinct rhythmic elements and engaging beats, it aims to capture the public's interest and foster curiosity. The musical debut of Alfred as a rapper signifies a creative leap in the company’s branding efforts. Anticipation is building as gets set to launch this unique auditory experience, a fresh sound for the UAE.