Satish Rajan, Group CMO Innovations Group

Innovations Group, the UAE's leading HR Consultancy Firm is pleased to announce the appointment of a key leader to its senior management team. Satish Rajan assumes the role of Group Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), bolstering Innovations Group's leadership team. This appointment highlights Innovations Group's commitment to revolutionising the job-seeking and recruitment landscape in the UAE.

With Satish Rajan in a key leadership role, the company is primed to spearhead the transformation of job opportunities and pioneering digital solutions. As he embraces his new role, Innovations Group stands at the forefront of an era defined by innovation, client-centricity, and extraordinary growth.

According to reports by Statista, the employment rate is projected to reach 76.50 per cent in 2023, and with the consecutive economic growth forecast of 4.47 per cent in 2028, the demand for job opportunities has never been more significant. As the UAE's employment landscape evolves, Innovations Group is poised to lead the way, connecting job seekers with opportunities and contributing to the nation's growth. Innovations Group aims to recruit both blue-collar and white-collar workers and remains dedicated to providing a platform that empowers job seekers and hiring companies alike in their quest for the right opportunities and talent.

Ravi Jethwani, CEO of Innovations Group communicates his enthusiastic support, stating, "I am confident that Satish Rajan, with his wealth of experience and expertise, will undoubtedly steer Innovations Group into an exciting new era of growth and innovation. Satish's strategic vision aligns perfectly with our company's mission to not just keep pace with industry trends but to lead and redefine them. With his leadership, we aspire to further enhance our global footprint, foster innovation in every aspect of our operations, and continue delivering exceptional value to our clients."

Satish Rajan, who assumes the position of Group CMO, brings an array of marketing and brand strategy expertise to Innovations Group. His experience will play a crucial role in expanding the company's reach and impact. As CMO, Satish Rajan will lead marketing efforts to foster more significant connections with job seekers and hiring companies, furthering Innovations Group's mission to simplify and streamline the job application and recruitment process.

On his appointment, Satish Rajan shares, "I'm excited to be a part of this incredible journey, aiming to showcase the value we've delivered to customers, associates, and employees over two decades. My goal is to establish the Optimal Marketing Engine, optimising people, processes, and tools for strategic depth, increasing operational efficiency, and enhancing execution speed as we progress into the future."

This appointment, along with the launch of the Innovations Group job application app, represents a significant leap forward in the Innovations Group’s mission to redefine employment solutions. With the new Innovations Group job app, which is now available on Android and iOS, thousands of job opportunities are now just a click away. Users can easily filter and find ideal jobs, streamlining the application process.

This synergy between top-tier leadership and the launch of the user-friendly job application app signifies a new era of tailored, data-optimised solutions. It's a win-win for job seekers and hiring companies, solidifying their commitment to a more efficient and effective employment ecosystem.