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Haydn Snape, global managing partner and CEO of Decentralised Investment Group (DIG) Image Credit: Supplied

Haydn Snape, global managing partner and CEO of the Dubai-based Decentralised Investment Group (DIG), has a particular mission in mind: to revolutionise the blockchain technology industry and have DIG become an industry disruptor. When establishing DIG less than a year ago, Snape chose to veer away from a well-established career in financial services and don multiple hats - as investor, strategist, revolutionary innovator and dedicated entrepreneur - to dive headfirst into the new waters of blockchain and play-to-earn gaming, and create a company that has fast become a regional heavyweight, garnering attention worldwide.

DIG, which this week will be headline sponsor at the 20th global edition of the World Blockchain Summit (WBS) in Singapore, has grown in leaps and bounds since its recent inception, positioning itself as a crucial player in the rise of blockchain technology and the advent of Web3: the business of the future. It is a multinational conglomerate with subsidiary offices in Miami, Warsaw, Mumbai, Hanoi, Manila and Nassau, bringing together a team of over 250 global innovators and engineers developing web3 products while backing the latest developments in disruptive blockchain-based innovations.

In Singapore, DIG will be showcasing its Miami-based GameFi Company XYZZY, which, together with the Vietnam-based game development studio Wild Thunder Studio, is developing the groundbreaking, highly anticipated play-to-earn game Realms of Ethernity (RoE). More than 60 designers - 2D and 3D game artists and game developers - are crafting a world-class gaming experience powered by blockchain technology.

“Unveiling XYZZY’s biggest project of the year, our triple-A quality, massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Realms of Ethernity, with everyone present at a gathering as elite as the World Blockchain Summit, in a market as dynamic and as opportune for growth as Singapore, has us very excited,” says Snape, who says fans, blockchain enthusiasts, potential investors and attendees can take a look at how far RoE has come, as well as the future of gaming and how it fits into the metaverse, at DIG’s booth in the summit.

Snape will also be presenting a keynote address at WBS, where the 700+ attendees include everyone from leading blockchain influencers and investors to policymakers and government stakeholders. He will speak about the latest developments in the GameFi industry, and how play-to-earn gaming will revolutionise Web3 and the metaverse; topics he is perfectly positioned to comment on, considering the success that XYZZY has been garnering in this field.

And despite its global activities and accolades, DIG’s home base is firmly established in Dubai, a city firmly making a name for itself as the crypto hub of the Middle East. Establishing headquarters in Dubai, an acknowledged leader in the region when it comes to innovation and forward-thinking, made perfect sense for a multinational blockchain technology conglomerate like DIG and its subsidiaries, as they create global, long term partnerships with like-minded blockchain disruptors. DIG’s latest partnership is with Crypto Oasis, a Middle East-focused blockchain network based out of the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) inspired by the successful Swiss Crypto Valley environment. And most recently, DIG has partnered up with Hollywood’s BRON Studios as Web3 advisor, helping to herald the world of movies and entertainment into the future.

For Snape, helping businesses understand how blockchain technology can catapult them into the future so they aren’t left behind is a personal mission that his investment company is more than ready to accomplish.