Ankit Chopra
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Dubai stands as a beacon of talent and innovation, and Fox Media and Entertainment is on a mission to amplify the voices and stories of UAE's prominent personalities, propelling their narratives into the limelight. At the core of this ambitious endeavor is "Time Out with Ankit," an enthralling podcast series that introduces renowned individuals sharing their extraordinary journeys and experiences. These compelling stories cast a brilliant spotlight on the incredible talent that has blossomed within the Emirates.

But that's not all. Fox Media and Entertainment's vision extends beyond borders. In addition to celebrating local talent, the company also delves into the world of Indian celebrities, providing a platform for them to share their journeys and thoughts on Dubai.

Ankit Chopra
Ankit Chopra Image Credit: Supplied

Adding a delightful twist, we present "Dubee Kids" – a homegrown Kids' YouTube channel destined to captivate young hearts. Overflowing with engaging and informative content, this channel immerses children in the realms of play, learning, and exploration. What sets it apart is that it's created by children born and raised in the UAE, including Viren, Vayu, Aviraj, Arjun, Aayan, and Aliyah, who offer an authentic perspective on the region's rich culture and vibrant activities.

Let's delve deeper into "Time Out with Ankit." This podcast series promises a riveting exploration of talent, culture, and innovation in the UAE. Each episode embarks on a unique journey, offering a profound insight into the lives and experiences of the region's most prominent figures.

Fox Media and Entertainment is not just about digital content. The company proudly presents exclusive celebrity events in Dubai, featuring top musicians, playback singers, artists, and dancers. These events offer a platform for talent to shine and connect with a global audience.

Looking to the future, Fox Media and Entertainment has set its sights on even grander horizons. The company's ambitious vision is to produce feature films and music videos within the next year, thereby building local talent and providing them with a platform to showcase their artistry. This will undoubtedly give an incredible breakthrough to the exceptional talents of the UAE, including actors, directors, screenwriters, and musicians.

As the anticipation builds, Fox Media and Entertainment is excited to announce that it will start releasing episodes of its podcasts and kids' YouTube channel in the first week of October. It's a date eagerly awaited by audiences worldwide. Please see and to know more .

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Join Fox Media and Entertainment on this thrilling journey of creativity and talent as it takes the UAE's remarkable talents to the world stage.