Emirates Draw Presenters with New Draw Machine_1200x900
Emirates Draw presenters with the new draw machine

This past weekend, Emirates Draw celebrated its 2nd anniversary in grand style, doubling the number of Raffle winners across all its games and introducing the state-of-the-art Halogen II draw machine. A total of 11,490 winners received prizes totaling Dh1,321,789. This innovative step, with the machine's unique features and cutting-edge technology, aims to transform the gaming scene in the region, offering audiences an unmatched draw experience.

Unmatched features of Halogen II

1. Spectacular draw presentation: The Halogen II™ is not just a machine; it's a spectacle. The unique mixing and selection process is highlighted with dramatic lighting effects, ensuring audiences are captivated from start to finish.

2. Global recognition: Trusted by the most prestigious lotteries globally, such as Powerball, Camelot Group in the UK, Hong Kong Jockey Club, and Tatts Group Australia, Halogen II™ is the choice of champions.

3. Remote control with touchscreen: Ensuring smooth operations off screen, the new machine also boasts a touch screen remote control-device, allowing the operation team more flexibility.

4. Solid polymer balls for enhanced security: The Halogen II uses solid foam balls, each with 12 numbered stickers that ensure visibility from all angles. These numbers are wear-resistant, thanks to the innovative technique of printing them inside the sticker. Each Smartball is equipped with an RFID identification tag, courtesy of its advanced radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. This not only reinforces transparency but also minimizes human errors. Furthermore, during every draw, the machine autonomously reads the drawn balls and catalogues them into a database.

5. Unique customisation: From mixing time duration to the number of balls selected, every aspect of this machine is tailored to meet specific design and game objectives.

6. Upgraded pedestal design: The new design features an angled hinged top that leans towards the host, ensuring better functional design.

Why Does Halogen II stand out in the region?

Compared to other draw machines in the region, the Halogen II sets the gold standard. Its international recognition, coupled with its exceptional presentation, customisation options, and cutting-edge security features, make it a game changer. The addition of a touch screen panel and the remote control-device ensures both convenience and security. Moreover, its ability to instantly deliver draw results and provide an extensive archive of past draws underscores its cutting-edge, pioneering character.

Emirates Draw is committed to providing the best experience for its audience and with the Halogen II, it promises a new era of exciting and transparent draws.