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Dubai: LuLu Group has opened a brand new location in Dubai Investment Park. The 100,000 square foot facility will feature a hypermarket and the LuLu Connect digital and electronics store.

The opening brings a “new retail experience to the fast-developing Dubai Investment Park area, a mixed-use destination with a city-within-a-city concept of infrastructures and facilities for a spectrum of industries. “We are proud supporters of the UAE’s Vision 2030 progress blueprint and as a leading UAE-born global brand, LuLu believes in setting the standard for business excellence and leading the national progress,” said Yussufali M.A., Chairman of LuLu. “This hypermarket will cater to the needs of the people who are living in interior areas of the emirate.

“Now that we have already established ourselves firmly in the main business cities in various countries, our plan now is to branch out to communities and suburbs in Dubai to take world-class shopping nearer to the people rather than make them travel to farther places.”