In a heartwarming display of unity, employees from over 14 countries gathered at Dubai India Club on September 1 to celebrate the Onam organized by the Blue Ocean Corporation. With beautifully designed floral carpet and traditional onam songs echoing at the venue, the event truly succeeded in entertaining the employees with an Onam atmosphere regardless of their age, gender and even nation.

Unlike the usual mythical portrayal of King Mahabali, the organisers have presented a completely different figure that broke all the stereotypical concepts about the king. This time, the Blue Ocean family was blessed by a happily smiling Syrian Mahabali.

The entire non-Indian staff surprised the team by presenting themselves in beautifully draped Kerala sarees and mundus. With over 14 nationalities working with the organisation, Blue Ocean clearly reflects the concept of unity in diversity.

India makes the largest expat community in the UAE, among which half the population hails from Kerala. For the same reason, the Onam celebration is not a new thing happening in the country. But the sight of multinationals coming together and relishing the flavour of Onasadya was a symbol of oneness. Even though the cuisine did not match their routine menu, seeing them enjoying their meal was appreciable.

Onapattu and Thiruvathirakali, which were performed by the employees regardless of their nationality, were very well received. Various competitions including the traditional tug of war competition, which was held separately for men and women witnessed an unhesitant participation of employees representing different countries. While the Malayali Manka Award, which is given to the women who looked the best in the Kerala attire was bagged by an Algerian employee, the Kerala Shreeman Award was presented to the man who looked elegant in traditional Kerala attire, and was earned by an Egyptian employee. This exemplified the inclusiveness celebrated throughout the event.

"Even if I am unfamiliar with the myths revolving around King Mahabali, I enjoyed every bit of the celebration and my part of it playing the Mahabali", says Abdul Ghani, who dressed up as Mahabali for the celebration.

The opportunity that we get to celebrate every special occasion together with people from different parts of the world is indeed a great thing and thanks to the UAE's welcoming attitude.

Dr Sathya Menon, Group CEO, Blue Ocean Corporation says, "Blue Ocean Corporation emphasises employee happiness and we celebrate every possible event." He also added that team spirit and cooperation among the employees are key reasons for the organisation's success. He also congratulated the entire team for making the event a great success.

Abdul Azeez, Chairman, Blue Ocean Corporation, addressed the gathering and explained the myth behind celebrating Onam. "Blue Ocean Corporation celebrates every special occasion across the globe and we are yet to celebrate more events in the coming months," he said.