Badr Jafar awarded Honorary Fellowship by London Business School
Badr Jafar awarded Honorary Fellowship by London Business School Image Credit: Supplied

London Business School, a leading global academic institution renowned for its cutting-edge business education and influential research, held its annual congregation ceremony in London to honour 1,600 graduates who completed their MBA, Executive MBA, Masters, and PhD programs, a media release said.

As part of the ceremony, Badr Jafar, CEO of Crescent Enterprises and UAE Special Envoy for Business and Philanthropy, was awarded the London Business School Honorary Fellowship ‘in recognition of his multifaceted contributions to global business, philanthropy, and social entrepreneurship’, it added.

Reflecting on his personal experiences, Badr Jafar emphasised to the graduates the fundamental role that families and local communities play in building resilient economies and societies. “In a world fixated on big institutions and lofty global initiatives, many of which find themselves increasingly incapable of addressing people’s needs or maintaining their trust, I’ve come to realize that the most important institution is not found in towering edifices or distant boardrooms, but in the sanctity of our homes, fortifying us with the resilience to face whatever challenges come our way,” he said.

In his commencement speech to over 3,000 graduates, faculty and family members, Badr Jafar expressed his deep admiration for the opportunities provided by the UAE to residents from over 200 nations, stating, "As a deeply proud Emirati, I am constantly guided by the spirit of our young, yet formidable nation, which espouses an unwavering belief that nothing is impossible to those determined to make their dreams a reality.”

François Ortalo-Magné, Dean of the London Business School, commented, “Today, at the congregation of London Business School’s Class of 2024, we were privileged to recognise Badr Jafar with an Honorary Fellowship. We celebrate his success and his generosity. What an outstanding role model and inspiration for us all.”