Syed Shahan founder of TouchForce with Kasper Retvig, global sales director Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai has said, "We want the UAE to become the world's most prepared country for artificial intelligence." Syed Shahan founder of TouchForce says, “An era from Oil to AI. Having analysed over 700 million data points monthly, AmplifAI’s solution is revolutionising how Contact Centres measure success criteria and deliver best-in-class customer experience from both on-site and work from home workforces. AmplifAI’s solution is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that uses clients existing data (CRM, ACD/IVR, Quality, Surveys, Sales) to auto-generate performance relevant actions for frontline agents, team leaders & executives – giving management the connection necessary to successfully lead distributed teams”

AmplifAI accomplishes this by deploying Machine Learning and AI driven bots that deliver coaching, learning and performance management actions to employees and teams across enterprises. UAE’s vision to implement AI driven solution to empower productivity in Banks, Telco, Retail, BPO’s, Healthcare & Government services is clearly met with AmplifAI’s solution.”

AmplifAI’s powerful solution delivers organizational intelligence from distributed landscapes Supplied

Kasper Retvig, Global Sales Director says “Delivering 24 per cent average sales growth, 15 per cent containment in cost, 10X ROI, 15+ F500 clients, 150K AI and ML driven actions and 50+ vendor integration, AmplifAI’s powerful solution delivers organizational intelligence from distributed landscapes. Customers receive the effective, data-driven capabilities needed to manage and develop both remote and on-premise employees, using AI to power their organizations towards the next level of customer service and sales.”

Kasper described their critical performance management capabilities as:

Enterprise Data Ingestion unifies every contact center data source (CRM, ACD, QM, WFM, CX, HR, Analytics)

Persona Modelling segments the contact centre population and creates High, Average and Low performance populations across multiple time frames

AI-Performance Playbooks leverage unique scenario-based playbooks to hyper-tune targets aligned with company goals

Data-Driven Actions deliver coaching, learning and performance management actions and notifications based on employee performance, personas and playbooks. T

AI Insights are generated as the solution learns and updates actions, effectiveness metrics, personas and playbooks.

"Our data-driven approach to employee performance improvement has been improving remote contact centre operations long before the pandemic hit. When the pandemic changed the world’s standard working environment, contact centre operators looked to our clients for guidance. And that word-of-mouth is where we have seen an explosion of interest in our platform” said Sean Minter, Founder and CEO.

Syed reiterates “Perhaps no other country in the region has paid as much attention to artificial intelligence as the UAE. The fact that it has a minister for this field speaks volumes for its significance. With a predicted $320 Billion spend in AI in Middle East by 2030 TouchForce believes AmplifAI’s solution will play a significant role.”

TouchForce, HQ’d in Dubai & branches in Africa, US, Switzerland & UK brings technologies from around the globe to MENA. Specializing in technology integration for AI, Facial Recognition, Cyber Security, Performance Monitoring & legal solution. For more information, visit