Vista Arab Health

Being considered the most important exhibition of the health sector in the entire Middle East region, ARAB HEALTH is a strategic fair for AIDA CCI - Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Aveiro District (Portugal) and companies from the Aveiro.

In the January 2022 visit, AIDA CCI's work focused on two complementary moments. In the first days, the activity included B2B meetings with businessmen and foreign entities and participation in thematic workshops. More than a dozen meetings were held. During the days of this fair, the AIDA CCI met with some partner entities present, from other countries such as Malta, Germany, Lithuania and Luxembourg. These networking meetings had as a central point to strengthen relationships and create channels of cooperation in order to enhance and promote partnerships among all.

The presence at Arab Health was also an opportunity to showcase the companies and the region of Aveiro. Here, it is worth highlighting the economy of the region that has a GDP per capita above the national average, a high level of labor productivity and a high export intensity.

It is also important to mention that one of the greatest competitive advantages of the District of Aveiro, in the national context, is its privileged geostrategic location. This advantage is consolidated essentially by the vast presence of transport infrastructures, which enable different modes of mobility (rail, sea, air, road, pedestrian and cycling) and allow a rapid inter-regional and international connection.

Being the seventh Portuguese city with the best quality of life, ahead of Porto (10th) the region of Aveiro has a solid business fabric, with a high number of new companies and a strong predominance of the sector of manufacturing industries and wholesale trade.

Dubai being the epicentre of a group of six Middle Eastern countries, the opportunities are transversal to other sectors that AIDA CCI also represents, which is why it was extremely important to have carried out this prospection visit.

The participation in this fair also allowed to obtain knowledge about the latest innovations in the health sector and present the potential and innovation of Aveiro companies.

Given the results obtained, it is expected the creation of a collaboration protocol to support companies wishing to internationalise to the country.

To learn more about the potential of the Aveiro region and its companies access the link