Abu Dhabi's CPX Holding and Huawei enter MoU on a raft of cybersecurity solutions and related services. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: the Abu Dhabi based CPX Holding, a provider of digital-first cybersecurity solutions, and Huawei have entered a MoU to ‘explore and deliver’ projects that support UAE's status as a top trusted digital hub for the region. It was signed by Khaled Al Melhi, CEO of CPX, and Jerry Liu, CEO of Huawei UAE.

CPX and Huawei will also work on the sustainable development of the UAE's cybersecurity ecosystem. According to Al Melhi, CEO of CPX, said: "The GCC region, particularly the UAE, has become a hub for digital innovation. In alignment with our mission to empower organizations with cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions and services, our collaboration with Huawei aims to support government and private sectors to maintain their competitive edge and thrive in an increasingly digital economy."

The MoU comes as governments and businesses in the UAE adopt new technologies while also being ‘exposed to new and more sophisticated cyber threats’. “Mitigating these unprecedented security risks has thus become a C-suite priority across all sectors as they strive to do more than rely on reactive cybersecurity strategies,” the statement said.

Jerry Liu, CEO of Huawei UAE, said: "Huawei believes cybersecurity is a shared responsibility, and collaboration between ICT industry stakeholders to build unified and transparent security standards is key to safer cyberspace. Therefore, we value partnerships like this with CPX, which support the government's efforts to position the UAE as a trusted digital oasis."