All offices will be shut in Dubai over the weekend Image Credit: Getty Images

Dubai: The COVID-19 pandemic is hurting businesses in the UAE and elsewhere.

The UAE Government has so far announced stimulus/relief packages of well over Dh100 billion in the hope that these funds can be used to lessen their pain in the critical weeks and months ahead. The individual emirates are also helping out with easing utility bills for businesses and tenants, as well as placing a stay on rent-related evictions.

The biggest names in business – Nakheel, Dubai Holding, Aldar, Al-Futtaim – have announced individual packages that provides immediate rental relief for tenants as well as property owners in its communities.

But at this very moment, UAE businesses and their owners are thinking of something else – be a part of the national cause to contain the human cost of the COVID-19 outbreak. So “Stay at Home” is the only message that matters now. ‘Gulf News’ spoke to leading businessmen to get their take on that simple – but highly effective – message.

 Yusuffali M.A., Chairman of LuLu Group

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Yusuffali M.A Image Credit: Gulf News

“This is a moment of national togetherness... if that means all of us need to stay at home, let’s do it. Unless it is very critical, please, please, please, don’t go out. As the leaders of this great country have assured, there is absolutely no need to panic and there is enough stock of all essentials in the country.”

Saeed Al Fahim, CEO of Stratum

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Saeed Al Fahim Image Credit: Gulf News

“The UAE needs us to play our part - for our future. So, Stay at Home. It’s time to connect with the family… because we are doing this for all the families through the length and breadth of our beloved nation.”

Ram Buxani, Chairman of ITL Cosmos Group and a doyen of the NRI community

Ram Buxani Image Credit: Gulf News

“Let’s think of the country… and only the country. Stay at home is a God-given opportunity to spend more time with the family… in the interest of the bigger family out there.”

John Stevens, Managing Director, Asteco

John Stevens Image Credit: Gulf News

“COVID-19 is a global situation - but we must take action individually to overcome it in the best interests of our families and the communities we are a part of. So, stay home, stay safe.”

Zainab Mohammed, Chief Property Management and Marketing Officer, wasl properties

Zainab Mohammed Image Credit: Gulf News

The ‘Stay at Home’ initiative is the best way for us to give back to our community - and beloved country - to curb the spread of COVID-19. What many people are not aware of is that if each of us stayed at home, the spread will be restricted and the pressure on our unsung heroes - who are working day and night to keep the country safe - will be alleviated. We urge everyone to abide with the government’s instructions so we can all fight this pandemic and get back on our feet to best serve our country.”

Sonia John Paul Alukkas, Director at Joyalukkas Group

John Paul Alukkas – Executive Director, Joyalukkas Group and his wife Sonia Alukkas
Sonia John Paul Alukkas Image Credit: Gulf News

“The world is going through a crisis - the best way to prevent the spread of this deadly virus is to stay at home. The UAE Government is doing a fantastic job to keep all of us safe. On our part, let’s help each other overcome this by taking that first step - Stay Home.”

Vandana Datar, Finance Director at Al Adil Trading

“It is important we strictly adhere to the ‘Stay Home. Stay Safe’ instructions. We should remember these instructions are only for our welfare and well-being. By following this we can ensure we can overcome the current situation at the earliest. And while staying at home, do not compromise on hygiene and sanitization.”

Vandana Datar, Finance Director at Al Adil Trading, with Dhananjay Datar, Managing Director. Image Credit: Gulf News Archive