Students of the design program will receive their qualifications from London College of Arts Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: UAE’s Capital College, a reputed higher education institution brings the London College of Arts UK into the northern emirates with its technical collaboration offering internationally accredited vocational programmes to its students. The latter is a highly acclaimed school of Design, Fashion, Beauty and Media that has been operational for over 30 years. Over the last three decades, the school has evolved in a way that caters to the needs of creative minds and aspiring entrepreneurs in the business/retail industry.

London College of Arts is not just an institute for fashion designers. This pioneering art and business college also offers short courses on styling, photography, interior design, architecture, luxury brand management and make-up artistry. It an overall design and art school that specialises in entrepreneurship too.

With fashion and interior design considered as popular vocational education industries today, the MENA region is witnessing a surge as corporations anticipate international events such as Dubai Expo 2021. According to a report published by McKinsey in 2020, the Middle Eastern region is considered as a powerful platform for design players. Studies reveal that UAE and Saudi Arabia have secured the highest per capita basis globally, reaching almost $1600 and $500 in UAE and Saudi Arabia respectively.

Furthermore, the internet penetration is the highest globally with 99 per cent and 89 per cent in UAE and Saudi Arabia respectively, whereas, China has secured only 57 per cent, a country considered to be one of the biggest hubs of fashion design. In the MENA market share, UAE dominates the landscape of the design industry, responsible for the highest revenue share in the region.

The Middle East is one of the few regions where diverse local fashion brands are endorsed with a winning e-commerce strategy, adequate knowledge of consumers and cost excellence that is only maximizing performance for design and fashion brands across multiple channels. Local fashion trends in the Middle East are starting to feature on international platforms, allowing aspiring design students to diversify into this industry.

Alternatively, as per reports from Statista, the global apparel and footwear market reached $1.9 trillion in retail sales alone in 2019. The market is set to reach $3.3 trillion by the end of 2030 opening avenues for new fashion and interior designers. Hence, it is safe to say that this is perhaps the right time to specialize in the design industry and nurture young talents through international accredited design programs.

Design programmes are offered on campus and online and also exclusively in Arabic Image Credit: Supplied

Get hands-on experience

Starting from owning a famous fashion brand to running a successful make-up consultancy, design programmes offered by Capital College in association with London College of Arts will allow students to get hands-on experience with proficient experts of the sector. Students enrolling for Fashion Design at Capital College in technical collaboration with London College of Arts can pursue their further studies at Istituto Superiore di Design (ISD Napoli) and IFA Paris after completion of their program. Additionally, they can also pursue a Master of Fashion Management, ranked 40th worldwide, offered at Capital College in exclusive partnership with Europe’s most international school - Rome Business School, thereby allowing students to gain international ranked and reputed Masters program.

Students at the end of the design programme will receive their qualifications from London College of Arts that is accredited and endorsed by Qualifi, a registered awarding body in the UK. As students graduate, they will own an international qualification that will be a stepping stone to the student’s successful careers.

The programmes led by London College of Arts have set an example for quality vocational education that stresses on academic authenticity and integrity through its hybrid modes of learning and real-time lectures, making the process of learning effective and engaging. Through the support of the institution, the students have successfully participated in competitions regionally and won more than 25 design awards. With its origin in Great Britain, they have expanded their reach into various countries and continents including the UAE, India and North Africa, thereby making education accessible, flexible and affordable!

Commenting on this collaboration, Dr Vikas Nand Kumar Batheja, Co-Founder & Director, Capital College says “Through this technical collaboration with London College of Arts, our mission is not just to offer preliminary expertise to the learners, instead, train and transform students who will contribute significantly to the industry. With our accredited and certified programs, our purpose remains to provide students with a strong foundation, making them successful and responsible professionals.”

Dr Sanjay Batheja, Co-Founder & Director, Capital College says, “According to the National Centre of Education Statistics, there is an increase of demand in the vocational sector by 28% since 2019. Apart from business and science programs, we are witnessing numerous students embarking towards the lines of fashion design and digital arts. We believe this could be a great opportunity for future designers and entrepreneurs to explore as the qualification is not just internationally accredited but allows students to learn online at their own pace and space!”

Through these years, the college has metamorphosed into an international powerhouse in the education sector that introduces programs with its primary focus on the needs of the entire spectrum of the industry. The popular design and fashion school in the UK has over 14 published programs and 20,000 graduates aiming to build a niche community from over 43 countries where students evolve to become industry leaders and contribute significantly to their respective sectors. The school ensures to equip students with the necessary skills to spearhead growth, innovation, creativity, top business models and social development.

Design programmes are offered on campus and online and are also offered completely in Arabic. Arabic speaking students worldwide can obtain a UK Design qualification offered online and completely in Arabic language, which itself is a first in the region.

Capital College UAE is a leading education institution in the UAE and has been operational in the United Arab Emirates since 1998 and already has other prestigious partnerships with Glyndwr University (North Wales Business School), Rome Business School - Italy and also with Westcliff University in California.

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