Huawei HMS Core 6.0
Huawei HMS Core 6.0 Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The smartphone brand Huawei has launched HMS Core 6.0 for global app developers. As of now, the HMS Core on all user devices has been updated to the 6.0 version. Consumers can access Huawei developers anytime to get new services and features.

HMS Core allows users to develop web apps in Android and HarmonyOS running on phones, tablets and smart displays, using cross-platform development frameworks such as React Native and Cordova. The platform widens Huawei's advanced technologies in media, graphics, telecommunications and related fields. For media apps, Huawei provides AV pipeline kit with pre-set pipelines for video super-resolution, sound event detection, and other services. In graphics, a 3D modelling kit offers AI-based capabilities such as 3D object reconstruction and material generation for e-commerce and animation apps, making it possible to generate 3D models even with mobile phones. This service is currently available to all Android device models.

As a collection of Huawei's software and hardware open capabilities, HMS Core is continuously opening up the company’s core technologies to more developers, thus providing a high-quality experience for cross-platform and cross-device apps.