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Tell us something about Focus Softnet’s service portfolio.

Focus Softnet is a technology house that has been delivering business solutions since 1992 across its global reach of 27 offices in 17 different countries. It has been consistently developing and delivering solutions in line with advanced technologies that encompass cloud solutions integrated with built-in AI capabilities.

As a prominent cloud ERP solutions provider, how has the market evolved in the UAE, what is the scope of growth in this space?

The cloud migration process picked up in two stages. When VAT was introduced in the UAE, a large number of customers migrated from legacy solutions to the latest VAT-compatible solutions. Many of these shifted to cloud solutions. Yet, there was resistance in the SME market where concerns of data confidentiality and security stopped many CEOs from migrating to cloud-based solutions. The pandemic proved to be a game changer when companies were required to work from home. That’s when those who had already migrated to cloud solutions saw their operations unaffected, resulting in maximum customers shifting within the last two years from in-premise to a cloud platform. Focus Softnet revenues have seen a jump of 40 per cent YOY in 2021, based on the surge in demand for cloud solutions.

Still, the cloud market is not fully captured, and there is huge scope for growth in the next three to five years.

What’s in store for the next generation of ERP software and what does Focus9 have to offer customers in the region in this regard?

The latest in ERP apart from a shift from in-premise to cloud include conversational AI, RPA integration and AI-based predictive analysis. Focus9 is one of the first ERPs to get conversational AI into its application. The unique feature of conversational AI is that it allows users to get their queries answered without having to touch either the keyboard or screen. As more and more users get used to Alexa/Siri voice searches, the demand for conversational AI is bound to grow further.

Focus9 has built-in RPA capabilities in scheduled report generation, automated recurring JVs etc.

The world is gearing towards curated solutions. In this regard how comprehensive is Focus Softnet’s offerings in terms of providing tailored solution to its clients?

Focus Softnet is well known in the market for providing strong no-code customisation in their products, using which vertical-specific requirements can be covered. This is one of the reasons why Focus Softnet can be seen in so many verticals in the market. The new customisation features allow the interface front-end to be brought upto customers/vendors and desktop/mobile devices, thereby providing end-to-end connectivity among all stakeholders of the ERP.

Chatbots are where the world is headed in terms of promoting customer interaction and convenience. In this regard what does AIFA (artificial intelligent futuristic applications) have to offer through Focus Softnet?

AIFA is one of the divisions of Focus Softnet that covers the multi-channel AI chatbots, and RPA integration in and outside Focus9. AIFA’s strong user-end customisation of chatbots means any sort of workflow process can be implemented in quick time.

There is a huge demand of CRM as a platform in digital automation. Tell us the role of Centra CRM in an integrated solution.

With the help of Centra CRM, Focus Softnet provides end-to-end features to a few select verticals such as Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM), real estate leasing and sales, automotive dealer management and garage management solutions, not excluding academic solutions. Centra CRM has become a major platform, where specific vertical requirements can be deployed in quick time with flexible business modules that can be customised and readied for use within hours.

Plus, the advantage of Centra CRM being fully cloud-based helps in faster roll-out, irrespective of the number of users within the organisation.