Meenal Mahajan, a banker at Bank Sarasin Alpen in Qatar, with her new BlackBerry Z10 from Jumbo Electronics at Dubai Mall. Image Credit: Arshad Ali/Gulf News

Dubai: BlackBerry’s latest smartphone, the Z10, was finally launched in the UAE on Sunday night after a day of “will-it-or-won’t-it” speculation.

The Z10, which was unveiled in a global launch on Jan. 30 in Dubai, was supposed to be available for sale early on Sunday. It didn’t arrive as promised, with retailers across the UAE saying they had not received the shipments they were expecting.

Retailers said they were never given an explanation why, but most speculated that the devices’ BBM Voice, which allows voice and video calls over the internet, was to blame.

On Sunday afternoon, BlackBerry announced that the phone would still go onsale, but it was confirmed that the BBM Voice would not be available when the device was launched.

“We are currently in talks with BlackBerry on launch of BBM Voice and Video services,” Farid Faraidooni, chief commercial officer of du, said in an emailed statement. “We shall soon commence testing phase to assure the right consumer experience. We remain committed towards launching new and innovative services that add value to customers in the UAE marketplace.”

Etisalat could not be reached for comment.

The first customer to buy the device from Dubai Mall was a banker from Qatar at 9:10PM at Jumbo’s outlet.

“I was fascinated by the Z10 and I had seen the demo on television,” said Meenal Mahajan, who works at Bank Sarasin Alpen in Qatar. “I am happy to know that I am the first customer to get hold of the new device.”

“I am on a visit to Dubai and I was not all hoping to get one. I am a fan of BlackBerry,” she said.

Jacky’s Electronics also announced that it has received it shipment of phones and were offering them for sale.

Salesmen have been phoning all the pre-booked customers to come and collect their devices.

“I don’t think many will come at this time and I can see a big rush at all the retailers tomorrow [ Monday],” a salesman said.