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Triveni Turbines is a 60-year-plus old organisation that was founded around the same time oil was discovered in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Triveni is a strong engineering and research-oriented organisation backed by state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, serving industries across the world with steam turbine solutions.

Aligning itself to the vision of the great visionary UAE leadership, Triveni supports and provides solutions to refineries and petrochemical plants, manufacturers of steel, cement, paper, glass, ceramics, food and sugar, as well as those engaged in the fields of solar thermal, waste to energy.

Triveni is on a mission to support these customers with better energy utilisation by optimising steam networks, introducing cogeneration as well as turbines for a variety of steam conditions starting from saturated low pressure to ultra high pressure, hence reducing the carbon footprint of these industries.

For the Oil & Gas industry Triveni offers highly reliable Turbines adhering to API and even more stringent in-house standards, packaged with gearbox, lube oil systems and other complete accessories required for safe operation of the Steam Turbines.

The brand’s strength lies in its ability to align itself to the client’s requirements on specifications while maintaining excellent quality and benchmark delivery.

Triveni has been marching forward with over 4,000 satisfied customers in over 70 countries and a group turnover exceeding $550 million.

To stay closer to their Clients, Triveni has offices in strategic locations including the UAE, the UK, Indonesia and Thailand.

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