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For the past 40 years, the UAE Banks Federation (UBF) has been representing the banking community and supporting its interests, needs and concerns. Since its establishment in 1982, it has seen the nation’s banking sector develop and thrive.

We congratulate the Chairman and the Board of Directors of UBF on its anniversary marked by proactive efforts to support UAE’s financial sector, facilitate economic growth and innovation. ADIB is pleased to join UBF in celebrating its long-standing commitment to its noble national mission to make the country’s banking sector grow in a sustainable way that benefits, protects and enhances the interests of banks, consumers, society, and the economy.

The global pandemic has accelerated the pace of digitalisation and transformed the region’s financial services industry driving greater financial inclusion. As digital solutions disrupt the banking industry, fraudsters have become increasingly complex resulting in a surge in the number of cases of fraud worldwide.

The seriousness of this issue and our continuous efforts to raise awareness about it among our staff and customers is why ADIB has been participating in the International Fraud Awareness Week, as an official supporter to promote anti-fraud awareness and education. Moreover, to tackle frauds targeting digital banking customers, ADIB has built layers of security and implemented a robust authentication system including regular awareness campaigns are conducted to continuously educate the customers on how to protect themselves and prevent fraud.

We strive to provide our customers with the simplest and most secure banking experience possible, ADIB uses cutting edge technologies to protect customer information and constantly evaluates, develops and advances the banking security measures as well as empowers them with safety tips to protect from fraud.

UBF has been playing a very active role in raising the concerns of the banking industry with the monetary authorities, evaluating regulations, and proposing changes for its better application. We are proud to be a part of UBF and supporting them in facilitating positive developments and transformations in relation to key initiatives aimed at protecting customers and banks against cyber frauds and its prevention across the banking landscape, in addition to many innovative banking solutions.