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Air India is shedding legacy systems and one such was the Air India Express' booking platform. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The revamped Air India Express portal – which also unifies the customer interface for AirAsia India – has had an immediate benefit, with a surge in visitor traffic. It also helped with a 25 per cent spike in international flight revenues for the Air India entities on the first day itself, making it the ‘dominant single source of reservations’.

Nearly half the bookings on have been from international markets, with Dubai being the largest source city of traffic and other top international sources of traffic being Abu Dhabi, Doha, Sharjah, and Singapore.

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Aloke Singh, Managing Director, Air India Express and AirAsia India, said: “We have successfully migrated to modern day technology from the legacy systems that were dominant.”

The is built on the platform of the AirAsia India website developed by Tata Consultancy Services with the support of Tata Digital, and provides enhanced booking, support for Air India Express customers from its historical platform.

The launch of the new website was enabled by the migration to a common reservations and check-in system, which now unifies the entire commercial ecosystem of the two airlines.

Domestic traffic and bookings have come from metro markets like Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai, ‘reflecting the domestic network and hubs of AirAsia India’.

AirAsia India flies to 19 destinations across the country while Air India Express operates to 14 international destinations from 20 Indian cities.

Air India Express, launched in 2005, operates more than 600 flights a week. The airline has 26 Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft. In January 2022, Air India Express, together with Air India, was successfully privatized, with ownership returning to the Tata Group.

AIX Connect Pvt. Ltd. (formerly AirAsia India Pvt. Ltd.) launched in 2014 and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Air India Ltd./ AirAsia India flies over 50 direct and 100 connecting routes across India.