GAL AMMROC and 360-DGM sign contract
Mahmood Alhay AlHameli, CEO of Gal Ammroc and Peer Hashmi, CEO of 360-DMG sign an agreement to set up an aviation upcycling facility. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: UAE-based military maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services firm Gal Ammroc has signed a contract with 360-DMG Aircraft Trading (360-DMG) to establish an aviation upcycling, revert processing and aftermarket spare parts sale programme in the Emirates. 360-DMG is a logistics and metal reclamations solutions firm.

The two companies said they would leverage shared expertise and resources to develop the military-industry recycling plant. Said to become the first of its kind in the world, the programme would be done in alignment with UAE’s Net Zero 2050 Vision. The firms did not reveal the location or investment size of the programme.

A rigorous export compliance structure will support the facility, said the companies. Moreover, the integrated defence metals reclamation and closed-loop recycling system has the potential to grow into a global platform that provides services for air forces, airlines, OEMs, and MRO operations worldwide, explained the statement.

Mahmood Alhay AlHameli, CEO of Gal Ammroc, said, “This is a strategic step that will see the dynamic transformation of the aerospace recycling and maintenance services landscapes.” He added, “Once effective, the world’s first defence aviation recycling programme will serve as a blueprint model for defence projects across Asia, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Africa, and other global frontiers.”

We are eager to see the impact that the programme will have on regional and international industries, especially as Gal Ammroc continues to tap into uncharted markets.

- Mahmood Alhay AlHameli

The announcement follows a signing during the Dubai Airshow this year, underscoring Gal Ammroc and 360-DMG’s joint commitment to the closed-loop recycling of spare parts and scrap materials in the UAE.

“We’re eager to see the programme’s impact on regional and international industries, especially as Gal Ammroc continues to tap into largely uncharted markets,” said AlHameli.

Peer Hashmi, CEO of 360-DMG, said, “This agreement stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and collaborative excellence, and we are eager to explore the boundless possibilities that lie ahead in our pursuit of transformation and global impact.”

Gal Ammroc had also signed an agreement with California-based eVTOL manufacturer Archer Aviation amid the Airshow to help develop and support services for Archer’s Midnight aircraft operations.