Archer Aviation's 'Midnight' eVTOL aircraft is what's the planned Abu Dhabi to Dubai air taxi service will operate. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Thinking of a career as a pilot? How about as one for an air taxi?

US-based Archer Aviation, which specializes in electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, has tied up with Etihad Training to recruit and train potential pilots. Once done, these pilots will be able to man the Archer’s Midnight aircraft on the planned air taxi services between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

“Training a fleet of pilots to operate our aircraft is a critically important part of our efforts to establish a thriving urban air mobility network in Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE,” said Nikhil Goel, Archer’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Etihad Training is the premier organization to partner with on this front.”

Archer's plan is to deliver a Midnight aircraft simulator to be housed and staffed by Etihad Training at its training center in Abu Dhabi. This will help with developing pilot training competencies, as well as help with the required regulatory certifications.

The Midnight is piloted, four-passenger aircraft designed for 'rapid back-to-back flights' with minimal charge time in between.

Etihad Training will provide the local guidance as they 'further engage with the GCAA (the UAE aviation regulator) and other local authorities to establish appropriate pilot training requirements in the UAE'.

We couldn’t be more excited to choose Archer as our first eVTOL partner to recruit and train the first class of electric air taxi pilots to fly Archer’s Midnight aircraft right here in Abu Dhabi as soon as 2025

- Capt. Paolo La Cava of Etihad Training

Archer has been working with various entities within Abu Dhabi and Dubai to speed up the planned air taxi services in the UAE. The company's target is replace typical 60–90 minute commutes by car with estimated 10–20 minute electric air taxi flights that are 'safe, sustainable, low noise, and cost-competitive with ground-based transportation'.