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Image Credit: Emirates

Emirates SkyCargo's e-commerce delivery solution, Emirates Delivers, has launched in Saudi Arabia. Shoppers in Saudi can now place orders online at their favorite stores in the UK, US, and UAE and use Emirates Delivers for international delivery.

Whether saving riyals during international retail events, shopping at boutiques that don't deliver to the Middle East, or snapping up limited edition items, Emirates Delivers will bring the packages directly to their door in just 3 to 5 days.

Dennis Lister, Senior Vice President of Product and Innovation at Emirates SkyCargo, said: "Emirates Delivers is the bridge between Saudi shoppers and online retailers in the UK, the US and the UAE. By harnessing the Emirates global network, our wide body aircraft and frequency of flights, we are able to serve every corner of the Kingdom."

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How Emirates Delivers works

Shoppers can sign up for Emirates Delivers to get a unique delivery address in the UK, US, and the UAE. They can estimate shipping fees to Saudi Arabia and enjoy upfront and final costs, with no last-minute charges.

The facility offers free storage for up to 30 days and allows consolidation of purchases from different retailers. Customers can use 'My Suite' for full tracking visibility and hassle-free cross-border shopping.

Emirates Delivers first launched in the UAE in 2019, before expanding operations to Kuwait in 2023. To trial the service, customer's first shipment from the UK, US or UAE to Saudi Arabia is free, until 3 June, 2024.