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New Delhi: "IndiGo flight 6E-6812 witnessed an engine 1 stall warning signal for a moment due to a bigger jet of Boeing 777 aircraft passing in the opposite direction of IndiGo's A320 aircraft which creates 'Wake Turbulence' mid-air," an official told ANI.

Soon after witnessing wake turbulence by Emirates Boeing's (B-777) big plane, the IndiGo's aircraft was cruising generally to its destination without any difficulty. A Mumbai-bound IndiGo plane took off as per schedule from Guwahati airport at around 6:32 am in the morning.

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According to sources, the 'wake turbulence' arose due to the large jet aircraft crossing in the opposite direction of the Indigo aircraft.

According to the Federation Aviation Administration (FAA), the largest US-based transportation agency, it is clearly mentioned that sometimes the wake turbulence can be negligible or sometimes it can be disastrous.

"A wake turbulence encounter can range from negligible to catastrophic. The impact of the encounter depends on the weight, wingspan, size of the originated aircraft, distance from the originated aircraft, and point of vortex encounter," FAA said on wake turbulence.

In addition, during FAA wake turbulence, pilots are always prepared for turbulence in the sky and the role of the pilot is very important in dealing with the conditions at that time,

"Wake turbulence can impose rolling moments exceeding the roll-control authority of encountering aircraft, causing possible injury to occupants and damage to aircraft. Pilots should always be aware of the possibility of a wake turbulence encounter when flying through the wake of another aircraft, and adjust the flight path accordingly," Flight Safety of FAA read.

The airline's company has reported the incident to India's aviation regulatory body, Director General Civil Aviation (DGCA), about the incident and there was no damage to the plane and passengers.

IndiGo declined to make any official comment on the above incident.