Abu Dhabi Aviation plays key safety role in Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge
Two Leonardo AW139 helicopters were delivered to Sazma last year. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Abu Dhabi Aviation will be leasing a Leonardo AW139 helicopter to Sazma Aviation as it expands into the Malaysian market, it said on Tuesday.

The five-year lease, with an option to extend for two additional years, comes after two helicopters of the same type were delivered to Sazma last year.

The newly manufactured helicopters are capable of being deployed in the oil and gas sector, such as for offshore operations and transporting passengers to oil fields.

Mohammed Ibrahim Al Mazrouei, General Manager of Abu Dhabi Aviation, said: “The deal constitutes a significant milestone to be added to our existing track record. We are pleased to again cooperate with Sazma.”

“We look forward to strengthening the relationship with Abu Dhabi Aviation further, not only in supporting marine operations, but also in the maintenance sector by inviting Abu Dhabi Aviation to invest in Malaysia based on the capabilities and certificates it possesses, and the diversity of helicopters it owns in addition to fixed-wing aircraft,” said Rodney Linus, CEO of Sazma Aviation.