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ChatGPT could be the first of many ground-breaking advances AI and Machine Learning is up to. Can humans hold the line? Image Credit: AFP

One of my friends, a content writer, is getting quite worried. Not because she has lost her creative muse and not able to come out with attention-grabbing content. Rather, she is concerned whether ChatGPT will take over her job.

The way people are using the platform is the cause of her worry. It is not even a full two months since ChatGPT has become a point of discussion. Today, the sheer number of people who want to join the bandwagon is increasing by the nano-second and has resulted in a backlog waiting their turn to sign up. Many of my associates when trying to register and log in are greeted with a simple message – ‘ChatGPT is at capacity right now. Get notified when we’re back’.

A generative language model, ChatGPT has taken the internet by the proverbial storm. The platform apparently is trained to interact with users in a natural manner and provide answers to questions, including churning out content based on the questions posed. This is precisely what is bothering my content writer friend.

She believes the hours it takes for her to craft a piece and time spent polishing it to commercial requirements is reduced to less than a few minutes by a platform powered by AI. Based on the input provided, by making use of Machine Learning algorithms, ChatGPT comes out with text that is human-like in the quality. Imagine the potential that this has, -to be a disruptive force in education, content creation and more.

As a science fiction novel reader there were times when I used to wonder what will happen if many of what was written about became reality. When I see what is happening around, through the usage of AI, nothing seems to astound me. It goes without saying these developments are becoming an integral part of lives.

They will also make us seriously re-look at the way we are doing things. When business owners understand the power of AI and incorporate the same, there will certainly be some transformation or other. While it may be a little too early to predict the actual impact, sooner or later, ChatGPT will be used to generate automated responses that will help to address issues that are critical in nature. Chances of this platform evolving as a major disruptive one cannot be ignored.

Whether ChatGPT will take make content writers obsolete is a big question. I feel the concerns of my content writer friend are quite valid. It is going to be an uphill task to compete with AI - to keep pace with the platform is never going to be easy. For a creative person, a calm mind is essential to generate content. Fortunately or unfortunately that is the least of concerns for an AI driven platform ready to churn out whatever content one wants.

Should I console my friend or should I embrace the new platform? Let me check out with ChatGPT and see what it says. The waiting line to join keeps on increasing.