Turning in quarantine-themed photographs to ShutterStock or doing a bit of pet-sitting are all options to pick from to supplement income. Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

There are numerous ways to earn a living online - although initially the time required to set-up may seem excessive, the reward of an additional line of income could prove invaluable in times of need. These are ten that almost anyone can try today.

Affiliate marketing

Services such as ClickBank or Amazon Associates allow you to generate commissions from sales of digital services or real-world products. This involves using a customised link to encourage your network to make a purchase. If your link is used, then you receive a commission.

YouTube Partner

If you are not eligible to participate in these schemes, you can still set up a YouTube account and work to build up 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 of watch hours to allow you to start generating money.

Online gaming

The online gaming platform Twitch offers a variety of ways to generate income, including prize money from winning competitions. It has its own YouTube style partner programme for streamers with a large enough following, and you can also earn sponsorship from corporates if you are good enough, or even sell your own merchandise.


If sharing your life online isn’t your thing, other strategies include licensing your quarantine-themed photography via Shutterstock. Take advantage of free lessons offered by camera manufacturers to help perfect your art, and if you are a student you may also be able to download software to add finishing touches.

Kindle Direct Publishing

If your talent is in writing and you have always been putting off writing your memoirs or a children’s story, now is the time. Publishing your first book with the Kindle’s Direct Publishing platform is relatively easy and provides access to a global audience.

Loyalty schemes

Supporting the local community is more important these days than ever before, and if you check the businesses that you usually frequent, it is likely there is a loyalty scheme for referring customers to them. UAE businesses such as Mr Draper (clothing), Hello Chef (food-box) and Washmen (laundry) all offer credit on their services for recommending customers.


There are a number of freelancer sites such as Nabbesh, UpWorks, Amazon MTurk or Fiverr to choose from. Each has its own active community of vendors and clients seeking graphic design, translation, programming and other specialist services. Some of these e-marketplaces protect you by requiring potential clients to make deposits into escrow.


This is a practice where you market a product without holding stock. When you receive the order on your website, you then connect with the third-party who is holding the item who then dispatches the goods directly to the customer.

Building and selling digital assets

If you are digitally competent but lack the capital to launch your own e-business, Flippa enables you to build and sell digital businesses or websites to a third-party investor.

Pet sitting

Alternatively, if you have additional space in your villa or apartment, you can pet-sit or make money walking dogs using online services such as Home My Pet.

- Stephen King is a marketing communications consultant.