Established three years ago with a small team, is a start-up with an online platform for booking cleaning services in Dubai. It has emerged as one of the strongest cleaning companies in the emirate providing exceptional client satisfaction through top-notch customer service.

“Established at a time where marketplaces were taking control of the cleaning industry with their advanced software technology, we understood the importance of advanced software technology and we adapted quickly,” says Mohmmed Shek Zen, Co-founder of “We have managed to outperform marketplaces with our cleaners.”

Shek Zen believes cleaning companies are always better than marketplaces. The reason is that cleaning companies have the right information on the nature of the cleaner and, most importantly, they have control over them. So, when an enquiry comes, the person will acknowledge the client’s requirements and assign the most appropriate cleaner for the customer. “To provide the best experience for a customer, a fast, thorough cleaning and very friendly cleaner is the magic recipe,” he says. “From the customer’s perspective, it is difficult to trust a cleaner if they are not working for the company they are dealing with.”

When asked about the factors that contributed to the successful establishment and operation of, Shek Zen explains that his company’s vision was to provide the most excellent cleaning experience for the residents in Dubai. The company focuses on customer satisfaction through its strategies, which keep increasing its customer base and number of cleaners in Dubai.

The main reasons for choosing are:

Same-day service: It offers cleaning on the same day, which makes it very popular among expats in Dubai. In any urgent situation, customers can rely on them entirely.

Easy booking and payment options: Customers can book and pay online with a seamless 60-second process. You can also pay in cash after the service, which makes it flexible for customers who want to use this mode of payment.

Trained, experienced and background-checked cleaners: The company’s cleaners have been interviewed in-person and reference-checked. They are well trained and experienced. So, customers can rest assure that they will have a fantastic experience.

The same cleaner every time: If a customer likes a cleaner, they can reserve the same person for all their future services, which is an exceptional privilege.

“Reliability and flexibility are the key points why customers always come back to us and book for a longer period, and this is what keeps the company growing,” adds Shek Zen.