Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) welcomed over 4.5 million passengers over the summer, as the summer season saw a high traffic of passengers heading to and leaving from Abu Dhabi.

The top five destinations that saw the highest share of traffic were London, Delhi, Mumbai, Cairo and Kochi, which together proceeded 900,104 passengers between these cities and Abu Dhabi.

Eid Al Adha also saw the busiest time for AUH with 713,297 passengers arriving, departing and transiting between July 7 and July 17.

“We are delighted to see the growth in the number of passengers travelling through Abu Dhabi International Airport. Many residents in the UAE seek to travel over the summer period to see their family and friends and explore new destinations. We have been delighted to welcome tourists arriving from countries across the world to experience Abu Dhabi and all that the city has to offer,” said Bryan Thompson, chief executive officer of AUH.

“At Abu Dhabi Airports, we are proud of the efficient operating standards that we provide our customers with, the range of routes that we are able to offer them and the services and amenities that they get to enjoy,” he added.