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Deck your home with or gift a loved one a locally made product in the celebratory spirit. Image Credit: Pixabay/pictavio

Today, the UAE marks its 50th year since the nation was founded in 1971. With a lot of us preparing our homes and keeping it guest-ready for the holiday season, we’ve curated a list of home-grown items to help you along. This is your chance to shop 100 per cent local and give back to the community you call home.

Our handpicked items from Amazon cover a wide-range of products that are made in the UAE. You can offer little ones camel milk chocolate, prepare authentic Emirati coffee for friends and family, and perfume your living room with wood chips soaked in Arabic perfume oil. Don’t track your orders over days – become an Amazon Prime member today and get these delivered to you tomorrow.

1. Date Crown Fard Pouch

Dates and the UAE are culturally inseparable. Not only are these fruits nutritious, but they also make a healthy sweet snack. Impress the next throng of visitors with premium dates grown in the UAE on your table. The Al Ain-based food and beverage company Al Foah offers a 500-gram pouch at a pocket friendly price.

2. Rasasi Perfume Shuhrah For Men

Snap up this long-lasting fragrance for the young men in your life – be it a brother, cousin or friend. Al Rasasi’s bottle of Shuhrah opens with floral notes, ending in musk and hints of sandalwood – all the scents befitting of a dapper gentleman. It gives you three ounces of the blue-coloured perfume, stored in a clear glass bottle with golden accents.

3. Fresh Local Sidr Honey by Hatta Honey

Nothing is going to make your mornings sweeter than having a toasted bread lightly drizzled in honey sourced from the UAE. Hatta Honey’s Sidr glass jar is 330 grams of raw, unfiltered honey collected from the nectar of Sidr trees. Often sought after for its medicinal properties, Sidr honey is antibacterial and rich in taste.

4. Camel Soap Factory Natural Soap Bar with fresh camel milk

Opt for this gentle natural soap in the shower and never go back. This eco-friendly, handmade soap bar is the perfect blend of shea butter and 30 per cent fresh camel milk. Essential oils of coriander seed, black pepper and sweet orange soothe eczema-prone skin, while camel milk provides vitamins, minerals and natural alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs).

5. Swiss Arabian Noora Attar For Women

Get traditional with Swiss Arabian’s Noora attar that comes bottled in an elegant golden container. The 20-gram bottle packs a fragrant punch with orange, honey and vanilla notes for women. Dip the applicator into the essence and run it below your ears and across your wrists to give your outfit of the day that extra oomph.

6. Kava Noir Premium Arabic Coffee Emirati Style

Sip on premium Emirati blend this month with Kava Noir’s pack of Arabic coffee produced in the UAE. While you’re at it, prepare the beverage in a traditional coffee pot called the dallah for the full experience. Arabic coffee is known for regulating blood pressure and its anti-inflammatory properties. You will taste hints of chocolate, nuts, fruits, berries and rich, spicy cardamom in this delicate blend.

7. Al Ain Zero Bottled Drinking Water, 1.5 litre (Pack of 6)

Keep a pack of Al Ain Zero Water at home or in the car when you’re out and about during the holidays. This pack of six 1.5-litre bottles is sodium free, making it ideal for those with high blood pressure, and even comes at a pH 7 level to prevent stomach acidity.

8. Lacnor Full Cream Milk, 1 Litre (Pack of 4)

Famous for its juices and dairy products in the locality, Lacnor has four 1-litre cartons of full cream milk up for a discounted price. The plain cow’s milk is free from preservatives and rich in calcium. Your afternoon tea or morning coffee will be all the better and creamier for it.

9. Swiss Arabian Bait Al Arab (40 Tablets) Bakhoor Oudh, Unisex

Nearly all Emirati households are doused in the heady scents of bakhoor or perfumed wood chips. Get this box of Swiss Arabian Bait Al Arab Bakhoor and light two of the 40 agarwood tablets in a censer or ‘mabkhara’. What you’ll get is the luxurious scent of Indian rose mixed with musk, lingering in every corner of your home.

10. Al Nassma Camel Milk Chocolate Praline Gift Box

We offered you camel milk soap; how about camel milk chocolates? In this gift box, home-grown brand Al Nassma offers 18 praline pieces, with flavours ranging from hazelnut nougat and Arabic coffee to pistachio marzipan. The chocolates come in a hard box decked with a ribbon knot for a festive finish.

11. Nukhbaa Women's Abaya, Red

Wow guests in a kimono-style, deep red abaya with intricate embroidery and a black headscarf. From medium to XXL, sizes by local brand Nukhbaa are for all. The material is 100 per cent polyester with buttons for closing and a waist ribbon to flatter your look.

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