The traditional Middle Eastern incense called bukhoor is often passed among guests so they can imbue the lingering fragrance into their hair, clothes and hands. Image Credit: Unsplash/Petr Sidorov

Welcome Ramadan into your home with the heady fragrance of bukhoor or incense. Bukhoor are wood chips that have been soaked in perfume oil, and mixed with other natural ingredients such as sandalwood and essential oils. This traditional Middle Eastern incense is often passed among guests so they can imbue the lingering fragrance into their hair, clothes and hands. As you prepare for the month ahead, give your sense of smell an experience to enjoy, too, this Ramadan. Check out our best picks from Amazon below and become a Prime member to have it sent to you with free one-day delivery.

1. Best Overall: Oud Al Khaleeji Bukhoor with Burner 

Bring the traditional fragrance of a Middle Eastern Ramadan to your home with this set of two bukhoor boxes and a tree of life burner. The incense itself is made from a traditional recipe, using sustainably sourced ingredients. With zesty top notes of basil, citron and rose blending seamlessly into a base of sandalwood, cedarwood and agarwood, Oud Al Khaleeji is a beautiful, warm scent that lingers. The bukhoor burns without smoke, steadily building up its scent and spreading to about 400 feet.

2. Best for Cars: Green Lion Smart Mini Bukhoor 

Love the smell of bukhoor? Take it with you wherever you go with this electric, mini incense burner. It’s suitable for all kinds of incense and the bukhoor burns off instantly so you don’t need to have safety concerns when you use it in your vehicle. The incense burner is rechargeable so plug it right in and enjoy a fragrant drive!

3. Best for Home: Ceramic Electric Incense Burner 

With the purchase of your favourite fragrant incense, get this electronic aroma diffuser and incense burner – a perfect gift for iftar hosts this Ramadan. It reflects beautiful craftsmanship, and is made from ceramic. The temperature of the device’s high-quality heating chip can be adjusted freely between 50 to 350 degrees Celsius. The multifunctional device has a timer function and can even be used as a night light.

4. Best Gift: Bukhoor BoSidin Oud Incense Sticks 

This specially designed gift set contains 20 sticks of Cambodian oud incense sticks, a brass burner and a USB lighter. Easily light up aromatic sticks, which each have a burning time of 20 to 25 minutes. The elegant oud holder easily slips into your pocket, allowing you to enjoy a fragrant atmosphere anywhere, at any time.

5. Best Multi-Purpose: Carry Me Handmade Marble Soapstone Incense Stick Burner 

This intricately hand-carved incense holder can easily be mistaken for marble. Made of durable, natural soapstone, it can hold multiple incense sticks at a time, or – if you prefer – a candlestick for ambient lighting. Because it is handmade, no two products are exactly the same. It makes for a beautiful gift or an addition to your own home this Ramadan.

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