Watch! Tesla on autopilot crashes into overturned truck

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Watch! Tesla on autopilot crashes into overturned truck

Self-driving tech has come a long way, with extraordinary capabilities shown by autonomous vehicles in manouevring through busy city streets and highways alike. However, with many accidents having been reported over the years involving autopilot systems, these have also come under scrutiny.

Tesla, which has received much bad press regarding autopilot-related deaths, saw itself grabbing headlines in Taiwan this week for the wrong reasons again. In footage that has gone viral, a white Tesla Model 3 is seen driving at full pelt on a highway and crashing into a truck that had overturned shortly before.

In the surveillance camera footage shared by local news outlet CAN, the rest of the vehicles on the highway are seen avoiding the overturned truck, when the Tesla saloon slam straight into it. Failure of the auto pilot system to activate brakes in time to avoid collision seems to be the reason for this accident too, as local reports mention “vehicle assist system” having been enabled in the car.

The footage shows a man standing by the median trying to warn the driver, and the car seems to brake, but way too late.

Incredibly though, no casualties have been reported from the incident.

Click above to watch the footage of the crash.

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