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We are blessed to live in Dubai!

I owe a lot to Dubai

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Sunrise view of Dubai Skyline from Ras al khor wildlife sanctuary.PHOTO: Sankha Kar
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I owe a lot to Dubai, the place which I call home now for over 30 years. The Rulers have made our lives so comfortable. We owe it to them.

I wish Dubai’s Rulers and its residents and all Emiratis a great year ahead and pray that the Almighty will continue to bless us all with His abundance.

We are blessed to live in Dubai. I speak for all my friends and family who came to Dubai in the late 1980s and made it our home and in fact Dubai welcomed us with open arms so much so that we’ve forgotten our own homes.

Personally, I have seen Dubai grow so quickly only because of its visionary founding father Shaikh Rashid Al Maktoum and His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, who continued from where he left and bettered it.

Shaikh Mohammad has certainly changed the destiny of Dubai and for all its residents, too. The strategies for development have all been based on well thought plans with the never-ending initiatives and efforts of development. The humble houses have been transformed into impressive palaces and townships. The Deira souq has been replaced with the best malls of the world and the then fishing and pearl trade has been changed to gold and diamond businesses. World class hotels have replaced the simple lodgings of the bygone era and the transportation systems that were camels or boats are now one of the most advanced Metro systems of the world. Once a small airport has been transformed into one of the world’s largest hub of modern aviation.

Some of the advanced countries reached the peak of progress in decades, Dubai did it in a few years. There were no miracles! It all transpired due to well thought out vision, revolutionary steps and active leadership of its Rulers together with its generous business policies and tolerance.

Dubai has captivated the world with its development and impressively diverse population which cannot be found in any part of the world. 
Without doubt 2017 had its challenges for all of us and 2018 will surely bring in new challenges, new acquaintances, new lessons, new adventures and of course new opportunities to grow emotionally and spiritually.

Let us all look forward with greater anticipation rather than backward with any regret. Let us give thanks to the Rulers of Dubai from the bottom of our hearts for the leadership that has brought us so far and pray for prosperity. Wishing everyone a pleasant 2018.

- The reader is the head of manufacturing in a company based in Dubai

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