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Charged twice for tickets

Reader has still not received a refund

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I have been travelling with AirBlue since I have been in the UAE for the past four years. For Eid Al Adha, I booked my family’s tickets using my credit card, as I always have.

Now, AirBlue charged me twice for the tickets, and I have registered a dispute with them to reverse my amount. The case was registered on July 14, 2017.

I have provided all my bank statements and duplicate transaction evidence as well registering the dispute with my bank – Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank – and from that period of time, whenever I call for an update I am told my case has been forwarded to the concerned department.

AirBlue gave me three weeks’ time and said that they will return my money. On August 7, 2017, I received an email from AirBlue that my money would be returned on Wednesday, and today is Sunday, August 13, 2017 and the case is still not resolved.

They also told me in an email that if the payment is not received by Wednesday, they will provide me with an ARN (Acquirer Reference Number), which I can show to my bank so that the bank can check on their side.

After sending multiple emails, and continuously contacting AirBlue, I received an email yesterday that the transaction has been reverted back to the customer on July 28. I then contacted ADCB again, and they confirmed me that there has been no reverse transaction by AirBlue.

I then again asked AirBlue to provide me with any proof of evidence, so that I can check with the bank and don’t bother them again, but there was no reply.

I am seriously fed up with AirBlue and for sure ask my relatives and friends to not to travel with AirBlue anymore. They don’t have any kind of system that can tell the Customer Service representative about the issues. Every time they will forward the issue to the concerned department and other than that there is no contact any or email address is available to contact any higher authority. What should I do? Can any law enforcement agency help me out in this regard?

From Mr Abdul Haseeb


Editor’s note: The complaint was forwarded to the management of AirBlue for comments. However, its management did not respond.

The reader responds: After a very long effort, the issue got resolved last week. Thank you for your time and effort.

(Process initiation: August 23 Reader confirmation: September 12 Process completion: September 12)

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